Boy Scouts of America in Bankruptcy

While all valid points - The truth is the boy scouts have declined for 2 very simple reasons.

1- Increase in Org sports (Including Travel teams)
2- Video games.

Girl scouts are dropping as well.

As youth sports participation has increased, and esp the Travel sports (Which become year round) any kid who is a bit athletic tends to participate more in that.

Meanwhile kids that arent in that group found video games and would rather play that.

yes -Then there is a group that arent either -And they continued with BS / GS - but that number has declined.

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Girl scouts on the local level is mostly about selling cookies.

Both BS and GS numbers increased and decreased at almost the same rates at almost the same times.

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Its sad i was a scout for over 20 years, i have a lot of respect for the core message

Nah, pretty sure it was the pedophiles.

Same as churches.

The BSA banned atheists.

BSA is the blacksheep of the scouting world.
funny enough the largest scouting organization is in a muslim country.

The issue with BSA is most of their funding comes for Church group who then set policy, like banning gay children or atheists, its has nothing to do with scouting it has to do with private group pushing their agenda via ransoming donations.

Started with a sick Obama Judge that said girls can be boy scouts too.

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everything is Obama fault.

Especially knowing Obama and Hillary had a 16 year plan to distroy America.

Who was the judge?

A low life obviously

Who? You claimed it was a judge who made the ruling. Who was the judge?

You sound like a fan why?

Who was the judge?

There was no judge, BSA is a private group they don’t need to let anyone in.

Probably around day 2.

Last April, exposed court testimony showed the organization believed more than 7,800 of its former leaders were involved in sexually abusing more than 12,000 children over the course of 72 years.

Obviously a freak for putting girls in boyscouts.

how can a Judge force a private group to accept members,
your pushing fake news.