Boy Scouts of America in Bankruptcy

Boy Scouts of America file for bankruptcy, citing declining membership & allegations of sex abuse.

How did this organization go from teaching boys outdoor skills to help them as they got older to bankruptcy?


“Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy due to sex-abuse lawsuits”

It’s in the title.

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At what point in its history did the Boy Scouts of America evolve from teaching boys & young men outdoor skills to a haven for child molesters?

On about the 2nd day it formed.

Any volunteer youth organization is going to be high risk for attracting pedophiles. Scouts organization covered up the problem for decades.

Back in the ■■■■■■ old days, it was easier to cover up and control kids and people. Not so easy in modern times as attitudes change and victims aren’t as easily coerced into silence.


I was a boy scout, my oldest is a boy scout and my youngest is a cub scout. This is unfortunate and hope the organization can survive.


Scouts can’t compete with smartphones.

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You are right.
To make it worse for the Scouts, a recent court ruling forced them to open up their files of 8,000 molestation reports that nothing was done about. This has increased the lawsuits by hundreds of cases.

Could it be the Boy Scouts of America deviated so much from their original mission that those who wanted a Christian organization for their boys weren’t interested, and those humanists for whom no concessions are ever enough weren’t satisfied, either?

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Better for them to go bankrupt.

Too many pedophiles within the ranks, too many outside freaks demanding to be a part of it.

Boy Scouts - good initiative, poor judgement.

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Yeah I know World Nut Daily for some, but it did answer a question in my mind about whether Girl Scouts were on a similar decline.

IMO Many of us in the U S have gotten to the point we just don’t care if someone is in a lesbian relationship. But could it be many just aren’t as comfortable with “you go girl” type feminism, including the promotion of abortion rights?

Could be too that admitting girls to the ranks shot them in the foot.

They couldn’t decide what they wanted to be to be called a wannabe.

Trying to mix the original Christian mission with secularism, admission of homosexuals as leaders, and adding girls so they aren’t even unique to boys appears a mixture few could stomach :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

How strange that some are trying to make lawsuits stemming from decades of covering up abuse going back to the 60’s the fault of secularists, gay people, and lack of moral character.

Like the Catholic priest abuse scandal, Waging a culture war is easier than some introspection.


Everyone here, everyone that everyone here knows, is either a victim of sexual assault, or knows a half dozen or so victims.

That’s how prevalent pedophilia is, not just in our own society, but globally. It’s everywhere.

As was mentioned earlier, it was a lot easier “back then” to threaten/coerce the victim into silence. In this technological age, pedophiles are trying to normalize their sickness, since it’s getting more and more difficult to get away with it.

Boy Scouts of America got too political became the black sheep of the international union.

The original mission of Scouting was open to all religion not just Christianity., Powell was very clear that faith in something higher was important not devotion to organized religion, the main religion at the time just happened to be Christian.

but scouting is popular across the global in non christian countries.

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“The atheists… maintain that a religion that has to be learnt
from books written by men cannot be a true one. But they don’t
seem to see that besides printed books… God has given us as one
step the great Book of Nature to read; and they cannot say that
there is untruth there - the facts stand before them… I do not
suggest Nature Study as a form of worship or as a substitute for
religion, but I advocate the understanding of Nature as a step,
in certain cases, towards gaining religion”

"Development of outlook naturally begins with a respect for God, which
we may best term "Reverence. Reverence to God and reverence for one’s
neighbour and reverence for oneself as a servant of God, is the basis
of every form of religion. The method of expression of reverence to
God varies with every sect and denomination. What sect or denomination
a boy belongs to depends, as a rule, on his parents’ wishes. It is
they who decide. It is our business to respect their wishes and to
second their efforts to inculcate reverence, whatever form of religion
the boy professes. There may be many difficulties relating to the
definition of the religious training in our Movement where so many
different denominations exist, and the details of the expression of
duty to God have, therefore, to be left largely in the hands of the
local authority. But there is no difficulty at all in suggesting the
line to take on the human side, since direct duty to one’s neighbour
is implied in almost every form of belief.

Here is what Powell said about religion in scouting in his book.

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Girl wanted to join scouting because girl guides stop teaching outdoor skill and started teaching “home-skills” which wasn’t the intent of the organization as it was founded.

Girl Guides was founded to teach the same thing as scouting it was simply a female version due to the social climate at the time.

also homosexuality was never banned, atheism was never banned, non Christians was never banned.

The fault of the American union was it became co-oped by Religious groups via funding.

I blame secularists and feminists for subverting what was once a wholesome Christian message.

Same thing with the Cathoilc church - it didn’t have to protect its child molesting priests until secularists and women ruined the institution.


How do you account for a loss of interest in Girl Scouts?

They don’t have the lawsuits against the organization for molesting the scouts.

Scouting in general has lost interest with the rise of technology. But the issue with girl scout is their core teaching became disconnected from what scouting was.

It became about teaching gender roles and the rise of female empowerment girl didnt want to be boxed into such notions

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