Both the Republoican and Democrate bills to re-open gov failed

Will this spur REAL negotiations from Pelosi?

Oh and what I’m about to say isn’t the first time or the last time I’ll say it:

Filabuster needs to go back to the original way. You don’t like a bill, well you get to stand up and talk till you drop. Then the next. once everyone has had their say . . . the bill moves on for a vote. Wonder if all 47 that voted against the R’s bill would have stood and talked till they dropped or if it would have only been a few.

Wonder how many republicans would stand up and talk till they drop on the other bill.

What is she supposed to be negotiating for?

A bill that will pass in the house, and get 60 votes for cloture in the senate.

Does the GOP want to open the government again?

apparently (with the votes today) NEITHER side does at the moment.

That’s not true at all. Dems don’t want a border wall. They voted against a bill that included it.

Now back to the question. Does the GOP want the government open or not?



I’m not sure what you are arguing. Dem’s voted in the Senate to keep the government open in December with - IIRC - 98 to 0 support for a Bipartisan bill for clean appropriations and a CR for DHS. The Dem’s have voted repeatedly in the House to provide appropriations and a CR for DHS. It’s Trump and McConnell that were keeping the government shut down.

Now today there was a vote in the Senate on Trumps proposal and the House bill. The house bill got MORE vote than the GOP bill did and the GOP are in the majority in the Senate. Your own article says 51-47 vs. 52-44 (wonder who the two non-voting Senators were for the House bill.)

While I agree with you about the filabuster, I also think that bills should be able to stand on their own merit and be voted on independently. The wall is a policy decision and should pass for fail based on its merits and not just because Trump is holding federal and federal contract workers hostages financially. DACA should be a separate bill and pass or fail on it’s own merits.


This is false. What does the border wall have to do with paying the Coast Guard. Only one side doesn’t want to pay the Coast Guard.

Stop pretending both sides are the same. Your side is solely responsible for this and to claim otherwise is wrong. Factually and morally.


The D’s voted against the R bill that would open the government. R’s voted against the D bill that would have opened the government.

BOTH sides at the moment do not want to open government back up apparently.

Or am I wrong here Dantes. You are only looking at one side of the isle. Look at BOTH sides.

The s Democrats voted on the bill that just last month the Senate GOP supported.

Why are they so afraid of overriding a veto?


Two competing bills. BOTH would have payed the Coast Guard. BOTH failed. D’s voting agains the R bill that would have. R’s voting against the D bill that would have.

6 Republicans voted for the House Bill. Only 1 Democrat voted for the Republican Bill. Momentum?

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I am looking at both sides but you’re leaving some details out.

Dems don’t want to fund a wall. They voted against a bill that funded a wall. It’s not a mystery. I think we can all agree on that.

What is the reason Republicans voted against reopening the government today? It’s a mystery to me.

The Republican bill has nothing to do with the government shut down.

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Republicans are backing Trump and they refuse to reopen government without funding for a border wall. That’s where they stand.

It’s ALL about the wall. D’s voted no on a bill that would fund a wall. R’s vote no on a bill that had no funding for the wall.

NEITHER side wants to re-open government at the moment. Blame BOTH sides at the moment.

It’s all about the wall, agreed.

Why won’t Republicans open up government without funding for a wall?

What do the 800k federal employees not receiving paychecks have to do with funding a wall?

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It is quite amazing that all of a sudden this fight happens right when the House goes to the Democrats.

And it isn’t like they couldn’t see it coming.

This is on the President and the GOP.

They had two years to get this through.

The President had a deal that gave him $25 billion for the wall.

When is the water going to get to heavy to carry?


I’ll ask you the same question as the other poster.

Why can’t they open government without funding a wall?

Another way to say that is D’s and 6 R’s voted on a bill that would open the government and pay employees whose pay is being held hostage by Trump.

Open the government and let Wall legislation pass or fail on it’s own merits. Stop holding employees who have nothing to do with the wall hostage.

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