Boston Pride Dissolves Amid Allegations of Racism

Could it be no one was left out for factors beyond their control? When a city has a white majority, would it really be surprising when a majority who join a Pride group are white?,0.29%%207%20Native%20Hawaiian%20or%20Pacific%20Islander%3A%200.06%

Could the organization “lack diversity” because as a rule there is more stigma in nonwhite communities associated with homosexuality?

With regards to the Pride Organization not supporting BLM, could it be they wanted to limit their focus to GLBTQ issues? Are white peoples not considered a part of diversity, too?

Must organizations whose membership isn’t mixed cease to exist? While not a supporter of exclusion based on factors beyond one’s control, I’m not sure how Boston Pride could control interest in their organization coming from mostly white people.

Racism under the bed. Racism in the closet. Racism in the alley way!


Today’s SJWs are starting to remind me of Bloom County’s Michael Binkley, with racism the giant purple snorkelwacker in his closet of anxieties:

Add this to far left Greta Thunbergs climate change group who dissolved last month because they came to the conclusion they were all racists, it leads to to conclusions the far left is racist or the far left is not fit for purpose never to lead. It could be both.


Could be proof positive of leftist organizations dividing and destroying from within.

BLM, anyone?

Certain chapters really are wanting some accountability when it comes to their money & where it went.

Here’s my favorite from Ms. Thunberg:

Not considering the fishes’ feelings? Huh?

I guess this guy isn’t, either:

Probably the only feeling he’s considering is his hunger.


You’re being logical. Logic is the enemy of wokism. If they say it’s racist, then dammit it’s racist. Everything is racist.



That child is being used and will be irreparably broken for life.

They don’t care. Not for a second. They don’t mind sacrificing people for power.

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Pride is neither left or right.

Ever hear of the log cabin?

There were clearly problems with the pride org.


She is not a child. She is 18. They perpetuate the myth that she is forever a child so people do not dare push back for fear of being called out for berating a “child”.

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