Border wall............WORKING!

Excellent. Keep building the walls. No one should cross our border without our permission.

address the posts. not the poster by ascribing emotions

white knight failure. sorry

Did we get them off using a firehose?

3.6 Billion you say?

Here’s a recent article on that amount.

Out of the four border states, only Texas is under the 5th Circuit Court of appeals. The 2nd Federal Judge that ruled against President Trump from taking military funds for his border wall is from California. And there is also a lawsuit from Washington State against President Trump from taking military funds for his border wall.

But right now, he can, right?


I really don’t know. But with the 2nd Federal Judge from California that ruled against President Trump from taking military funds for his border wall, I would not think so.

Momentum is gathering. :wink:

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Excellent! Slowly but surely it’s getting built.

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Yes to most people but there is a portion so far to the left now they wouldn’t care if all of South America poured into the country (As long as it was one someone else’s dime of course).

I hope not. The people being stopped were bound to lower our national murder rate.

I mean correlation and anecdotes are the new basis of efficacy, right? This thread proves that!

Yep. These bat ■■■■ crazy libs think that we can absorb the entire third world. Squeeze them all in here and put them all on public assistance. A strange breed they are.

Yeah…only problem there is that what you say is an exaggerated caricature of what the “libs” position actually is…repeated by the CEC with the intention of setting off an emotional response

Am I reading this correctly? As of 12/17/19, the total number of miles where there is a wall where previously there was no wall is …3?

I guess those people atop the wall didn’t get the memo that this it is unclimbable–tested by world-class mountain climbers.

I think so. That’s the way I read it. With nearly 100 miles of formidable barrier where there was not much before. Were you hoping for more wall?

I guess you didn’t get the memo that where the wall has been built, the border invasion has been greatly reduced? About 90 percent effective. Were you hoping for 100 percent?

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I am hoping for formidable physical barriers where they make sense, and other methods in areas where walls are prohibitively expensive and/or likely to be ineffective.

My understanding is that we already have fences and walls across ~650 miles of our 2,000 mile border with Mexico.

I’m surprised that after all of this hoopla we have only completed THREE new miles. At this rate, it will take a couple thousand years to complete a contiguous wall.

I thought Trump’s wall would have more wall in it. I was told there would be wall.

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You do understand that Trump is still president? And he’s has not finished yet? Right? You get that? By when did he tell you when he would be finished? How much wall do you want and when do you want it by? I do have good news for you. He’s getting 3.6 billion dollars from the military. So hold your horses. You wanted more wall, you’re about to get it. :us:

Does the US get credit for all the immigrants and refugees we have welcomed?

It is quite a lot depending on how far back I. history we look.