Border wall and the budget

The president is on another twitter tirade this morning… Must be getting desperate about the border wall funding… I am curious, how exactly would the military fund building the wall?

Has anyone told him that the military receives their funding from Congress?

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I’m halfway tempted to join twitter just to ask him if he’s received the check from Mexico yet…

In case you were wondering. The President and congress increased funding to the military.

It’s pathetic to watch him bounce from proclaiming the wall is already secure to begging for a wall from tweet to tweet.

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Are you not aware of how federal budgeting works? It’s not like a paycheck where they decide where to spend the money…

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I guess he will provide details. The reason that the wall was not built is the republican leadership is opposed to it. But they don’t have the guts or decency to admit it.

I don’t think he has a clue how federal budgets and appropriations work…

You are free to think what ever you choose. I couldn’t care less.

Since when did the military have the training or experience to be contractors?

Do you know how federal budgets and appropriations work?

Ever hear of the SeaBees or the Corps of Engineers? I’m sure they have nothing better to do.

The Air Force could help if any golf courses are needed.

The Army corps of engineers have built a whole bunch of crap. So have the Seabees among others. But I agree with you. Congress should fund the wall and be done with it.

Are you giving me a test? :joy::smiley::rofl:

That is not who he is talking about, they are not the “military” that is at the border, much of the Corps is civilians and they are a separate federal agency.

Then choose any other military engineering battalion. I don’t think they will have a problem with it.

You would clearly not pass if you think the defense department can undertake a $25B construction project and encumber the federal government with ongoing maintenance costs without congress approving…

Do they also have the funds and personnel to sue for eminent domain for those parts of the border that are privately owned or indian tribal lands?

All Donald needs to do is withhold the soldiers paychecks until the time the wall is finished. They might not have adequate funding, but they’re soldiers so they’ll figure out a way to make it happen.