Border seperations. If this is true, we have been deceived. Bigly

This is a quote from the twitter account of Dr.Darrell Scott.

Of the 1300 detained children at a Texas facility, only 7- were separated from their parents, the other 1230 came over alone. what should be done? let them loose unsupervised or send them back unsupervised

If this is true, why has this gone virtually unreported. This would be kinda important. Doncha think? As I said. I don’t know if this stat is correct. But we need to find out.

Is this the same Dr Darrell Scott that said last week Trump "is quickly becoming one of the greatest civil rights presidents in modern history”

Gullibility for $50 bazillion pesos, Alex.


70 not 7. He said 70.

“I don’t know if this information is true but I’m going to spread it around the internet until I find out because it fits my agenda.”


If this was true the CEC would have been spreading it bigly by now, not some two-bit hack Tweeter.

I think altair1013 is on to something here… Secretary Neilsen and her direct reports are reporting over 2,500 children separated as of today…

Who can tell who is lying these days? LMAO…

We know a large number of unaccompanied minors have come over the border alone. We also know that over 2000 children have been separated from their families. These aren’t mutually exclusive. And no one has been quiet about unaccompanied minors - did you ignore politics in 2014?

Source says this is not true.

“Some people are saying…”

largest crowd to ever witness an inauguration…

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Did you know that when you quote someone on something that they did not say that meets the definition of a lie? Please don’t lie about me.

So here is my question. If the stat that the good doctor quoted is false, then what is the actual stat? I wouldn’t mind having that info. What about you?

I could not get a lot of info on it which is why I threw it out here. If nobody finds anything I will assume the same.

I would love to know what the actual stat is. It is out there. Getting to it is another story.


The libs don’t care about the 1230 - 7.

The seven are their talking points.

Just a suggestion but you could actually read news sources where they actually interview people in the departments that actually do the work…

On Tuesday Homeland Security officials said they separated 2,342 children from their parents along the border between May 5 and June 9, reclassifying them as “Unaccompanied Alien Children” and placing them in foster care with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Trump officials could not say how many of those children have been reunited with their mothers and fathers.

In Trump’s efficient U.S. family separation system, reunions take far longer

It’s satire, not a lie. So dramatic.

No, satire is supposed to be funny.

You’re not.

Bigly IF true

There it is again, “if true”.

Pro tip: If you’re asking that, it never is.