Border security. Chuck Norris style

He supports a plan by Ted Cruz to seize 14 billion dollars from El Chapo and use it to fund the wall. I guess in a way then Mexico would be paying for it. Or maybe not, since most of that cash came from Americans. Sounds like a great idea to me. We’ll see. Congress is not usually known for embracing creative ideas. We could name the new wall after Chuck Norris. Because as everybody knows, nobody crosses Chuck Norris and survives.

I’ve been told repeatedly that actors have no business involving themselves in complex matters involving national politics and governance. However, I am going to give Chuckie a break here, as this is just the type of situation that he excels at - fictional drama, aka a wholly-fabricated fictional crisis.



Kind of a side note here, but I actually met Chuck Norris several times growing up. The guy that ran the karate studio where I learned karate was one of his students. He’s a really nice guy in person.


Lame Republican Media

So sad.

So terrible.

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Let me google that for you.

Can’t have one without the other. Good luck reconciling the loss of liberty and property for security.

There used to be a quote popular among conservatives and Republicans around that.

Seems only conservatives believe in it now.

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This eminent domain argument might be enough to make me change my position on the wall.

The federal government seizing private property for a fraction of its worth? I like it. I like it a lot.

Texas landowners are preparing themselves for a legal battle over eminent domain, but what do they know?

Personally, I think they’re being ridiculous. A patriot would surrender their land for the good of country.


Would this be okay?

1.Improve and repair existing barriers. This will require no additional land grabs.

2.Build barriers on the 1/3 of border that is public land.

3.Offer private land owners a fair deal to put barriers on their border. Some will accept it because they currently feel unsafe on their own land. Others will decline.

This will funnel border crashers into less secured areas, where we can concentrate our forces. Many additional people will request protection after their land is flooded by illegals, and we will protect them too.

Donald wishes he was as badass as Chuck Norris.

If Chuck Norris were president, the illegal immigrants currently living in the States would volunteer to build a 2,000 mile border wall using mud created from the desert and their own sweat and tears. When it was tall enough Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick each immigrant in the face, sending them flying over the wall back into Mexico.

All 100 million of them. And they’d be GRATEFUL. Because it’s Chuck Norris.


No one would dare cross Chuck Norris.

Nope. You could call the wall, “The Chuck Norris welcome center,” and still Nobody would cross it.

Personally, as a small government conservative, I will always oppose using the power of the nanny state to take the land of private citizens, no matter how “noble” the cause may be dressed up to appear.

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Same here. I hope the plan does not come to that. We shall see.

Chuck Norris is 78 years old. Stop.

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I don’t remember any chants for 1/3 of a wall. I guess that’s a possibility.

If you’re gonna pay market rate for the land, five billion won’t go very far.
You really think the hardcore base is going to go with an initial offer of intermittent wall?

That’s not Mexico paying.

That means in thirty years he will be approaching middle age.

I know. I meant to say Mexican paying. Sorry. :rofl:

No. Statistically in fewer than 10 years, he’ll be dead.