BORDER CRISIS: Federal Agents Discover ’60 FOOT TUNNEL’ Along US-Mexico Border | Sean Hannity

Federal Agents made a stunning discovery in southern Texas Thursday evening, finding a ’60 foot tunnel’ at the US-Mexico border used to smuggle people and drugs into the United States.

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What Nancy doesn’t seem to realize is this, building walls will force the smugglers and border jumpers to find other means. Then we can focus our efforts on detection at the ports of entry and using technology to detect tunneling as it is being done. That will be a much better use of our human resources than having to practically stand shoulder to shoulder to guard the border.

KLRS - Arent you forgetting a MAJOR issue? IF a wall is controlled by technology and a flimsy fence, what’s stopping anyone of crashing the system, cutting wires, etc? And what about power failures? You cant depend on only technology that’s so easy to hack or turn off. Thats just ridiculous. A wall is NO MAINTENANCE, easy to put up, and once it’s done, you don’t have to keep watch over the whole thing 24/7/365. MUCH cheaper too!
And havent we ALL been saying just ONE EMF attack would put ALL technology, cars, electricity, water, etc right out of commission for YEARS?
So why put all our eggs in that basket?

Make a form about 10-15 feet in that blocks off the tunnel on both sides and fill each end with cement.

There is only reason why the criminal Democrat Party Mob is supporting this "invading army of illegal aliens to over run our America, they need them as illegal voters in massive voter fraud in 2020 and beyond to win!!! They have lost their "blue collar voters,their rural voters, their moderate Democrat voters and are now losing their black and Spanish voters to President Trump!! They want the illegal alien voters by the millions to out vote the legal American voters and destroy them and that is what this is all about !! It come down to them or us in the 2020 election over who runs our America and whether we become a conquered people, which is what the criminal Democrat Party Mob wants to get with them in total control!!! The truth shall set you free, folks!!!