BORDER CHAOS: El Paso Under Pressure as ‘Migrant Surge’ Strains Resources, 600+ PER DAY

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Local authorities in El Paso, Texas continued their struggle with members of the ‘migrant caravan’ illegally crossing the border this week; saying officials are unable to cope with upwards of 600 immigrants arriving on a daily basis.

“Federal agencies have re-directed agents to deal with a growing wave of migrants and the president is threatening to close the border. Meanwhile, local shelters face a daily dilemma: 500 to 600 new arrivals who need somewhere to go,” reports the Texas Tribune.

“Most of the migrants are Central American families and unaccompanied minors, and their numbers have grown by 340 percent — about 136,150 family units were apprehended on the southwest border between October and February,” adds the article.

“While only legislation can fix this crisis in the long term, we cannot wait for Congress to act,” said DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

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