Border at breaking point...It's a Nat'l emergency


People “invade” my personal space on the subway. I don’t declare a national emergency to build a wall. You are playing semantic games to extend the discussion. If you want to have a dialogue, explain why people should discount the Joint Intelligence Analysis on whether the southern border is an emergency.

The also stated that North Korea was continuing its nuclear program full out; another assertion President Trump disagreed with. The intelligence assessment was correct.


the majority of congress feels differently that you.



And as @Safiel correctly pointed out, the founders very much intended that Congress would be supreme among the three branches.


We are not talking about your personal space on the subway. We are talking about tens of thousands of foreigners flooding across our border each month and the devastating social and economic impact it is having upon American citizens. We are talking about the general welfare of the United States being adversely affected by this invasion. And we are talking about our federal government commanded by our Constitution to protect the United States against “invasions”.


Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone! Far more than the measly $5.7 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK


Safiel ought to read the law. He may then come to the appropriate conclusion.

The President is already authorized by Congress to reassign certain funds during a declared emergency.

see: 10 U.S. Code 2808. and 33 U.S. Code 2293


There is no surer way to weaken, subdue, demoralize and then conquer a prosperous and freedom loving people than by allowing and encouraging the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, criminal and diseased populations of other countries to invade that country, and make the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such invaders.


I can’t wait till the first shot is taken, and one of these “invaders” is shot while their 8 year old child watches. It will seal the fate for this whole invasion angle.


You provided all those definitions of invasion. You should be flattered that I used one.


So these refugees are armed?


Thats a whole lot of revisionism to cloud the facts.

Its really as simple as if the gop really wanted to do what they campaigned on and said they qere going to do they could have done so using senate procedures but did not do so.

I dont really need to go any more in depth than that. Its as simple and clear cut as that. The GOPs lack of gumption to play the cards the way they qere dealt in the past us exactly why they are getting played today.

Now in two years they get the chance to lose another house and make them absolete for another 2 years is on them.

Far as im concerned, let them try this gambit with the executive. Next time around they wont have Reid to blame for then escalation. And im also quite sure the dems can take advantage of a situation like this far better than the GOP canx theyve already proven that, at the expense of 1 SCOTUS seat who isnt in any way guaranted to do what you think he will given Thomas can beat him like a mule into compliance.

You have a lot to learn.


Ok. Just stop.


I would have loved that duty. Marines always want to make a difference for my country.


Yeah, i laughed when i read that post too.


I’ll bet you can’t.


How come whenever I see a sensational thread title bolstering a Trump assertion, it’s always from a ■■■■■■■■ source?

I guess when you get all your info from dubious sources, you’re bound to be completely separated from reality.

With the internet the way it is, I’m not sure we’ll ever solve this problem. Thankfully, at least 2/3 of the nation still has their collective heads breathing oxygen, while the remaining third—yes, THAT third—continue to wallow in the mudpit of lies and conspiracy.


Hey john, have you been to the border lately?


Great point. Why isn’t Trump calling for the draft? If it’s really a national emergency, shouldn’t he be drafting soldiers?


Sorry. The little boy already cried wolf too many times.


I’m sure there are Americans who fantasize about our military standing at the border, mowing down illegals like a scene from Walking Dead where Darryl Dixon is mowing down a horde of zombies.


It’s the economy.


And you should observe that our founders used the all encompassing “invasion” and “invasions” as opposed to a limited one such as “armed invasion”.


The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.