Border at breaking point...It's a Nat'l emergency


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I’m heart broken. You didn’t specify.


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I told the 1st Bush n his son we needed a Wall, when Barry O was a Sen. running for president, I said we need a Bigger Wall(lol), ask Greta Van Sustern I was a thorn in her gretawire bloggers side for years. ALL the things I use to tell her and them was going to happen, has happened. TRUMP TRAIN WOOT WOOT


It is completely out of control and I love this country enough to protect it. Presently this is not the case, so you must instill fear and how do you do that in this politically correct country.
I really do not believe this to be a political issue, and it should be taken care of by our military.
Apache Helicopters should fly the border nightly spraying .30 caliber with tracer rounds every 5 rounds. Try not to harm any immigrants the first week, but it’s time to light up the night and show it might be wise to turn around.
I believe this will work, but if not, we need to tighten it up a bit and invaders will be shot.
Yeah, Thats what any other country would do with 40,000 invaders trying to cross their Sovereign Border.
Our military presently are acting like social service workers and that has never been their responsibility.
Many Presidents and especially Barry put them in this mode and once there, it’s hard to get out of that place.
If we continue to pass out bottled water which most Americans cannot afford, then this country as I knew it, is finished as a democracy.
I guess when all else fails, then ask Putin or Rocket Man how they would react. The CIC is not stopping the inflow, but being the leader of the free world on occasion must make hard choices.
One more matter that I have been wondering about are these brand new buses they are using to get invaders up here. It’s puzzling to me how healthy these invaders are.
Do we know and surely we should know, who is financing this choreographed invasion?
Take him or her out.

Trump Falsely Says Law Prevents Him Releasing Tax Returns Under Audit

So when are ya going to go on your killing spree?


Think Soros and his circle of wunderkind sugar daddys.


isn’t Alan Schiff for brains married to Soros’s daughter?


Love the posters. Did you get this from the same place as the one of the hook-nosed guy in the skull cap?


I see titles of threads like these and not sure if they are made in jest or by one.


have you been to the border lately?


If you watched the video, you would know that Representative Cuellar provided many facts.
He provided facts on trade.
He provided facts on the amount of wall that has been built.
He provided facts on the current cost of a wall.
He provided facts on the cost of technology that can be used to secure the border.
He provided facts on the number of border agents currently employed.
He provided facts on the number of judges currently approved.

Go back and look at Carla’s interview again and tell us which of these two provided facts and which provided opinion after reviewing both again. You state that Carla Provost addressed certain specified areas. I must have missed that. What are those “certain specified areas”?


Jest, for sure.


Do you have links to those bills/laws?


Where were you between Jan 2017 and Jan 2019?

Republicans controlled it all. Nary a peep from Trump or posters, including yourself. Nary a “national emergency”.

Lets circle back and describe the Republicans, shall we?


Watch Fox news, you wont need so many links to prove something that’s right in front of you


RINO Paul RYNO, enough said!


The only fact we need to know at this time is, our southern border is being overrun by foreigners and American Citizens are suffering the devastating social and financial impact of this ongoing invasion.


Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone! Far more than the measly $5.7 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK


Crossings are way up, I saw PBS lie about it last night…