Border at breaking point...It's a Nat'l emergency


Better yet, why don’t you tell us why you can’t wait for that to happen?


Not how this works. You chose to assume something about me, go ahead and spill it, otherwise you are free to delete said posts.

The absence of said clarification would suggest just a pop shot.


I am on board with more border agents and judges. I am also on board with walls that bottleneck the traffic while waiting in Mexico on Mexico’s dime (which includes medical personnel) to have their cases heard.


Dems are on board with more agents and judges, it has been included in prior legislation. They arent in favor of walls for the sake of walls. Its almost as if this just keeps getting missed time after time. Just a suggestion stop reading cnc ■■■■■■■■ and actually read submitteed legislation.


So you are going to state that you can’t wait until the first shot happens, I agree that you probably can’t wait for that to happen, and you’re going to turn this on me when I ask you what the hell you mean by that?

It’s quite obvious what my reply means. It was a sarcastic post to agree that yeah, you probably can’t wait for something like that to happen, it probably would be used to further your sides agenda.

I find it interesting you refuse to clarify YOUR remark.


My remark need no clarification. It is there to see. Which side would that be?

There is no agenda, and none is needed.

Like i said, fire the first volley into an unarmed “invasion”. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see how that is gonna turn out.

So now that we are done with that, dare i ask, would you like to go on record suggesting this country do exactly that? The ball is in your court.


I am in favor of listening to the people on the ground who deal with this on a day to day basis.

They say that walls work as PART of securing our borders. So, they are not walls for the “sake of walls” they are necessary. Just as more border agents and judges are necessary.


That they do and those same walls were part of the legislation offered by the dems previously and reject by orange clown shoes because he wanted them in places where they werent asked for or needed to fullfill a campaign promise.

How can this possibly have escaped you?


When are we sending in the marines?


What was bundled in that offer that caused him to reject it.

How could that possibly escape you? :rofl:


Who is “we”? …


Why dont you tell the forum?


The people who are well informed don’t need to be schooled.

But, you are certainly welcome to inform yourself.


Ill take that as a punt. No one asked to be schooled. One asked to deliver a point with substantation. #fail congrats.


School yourself. I’m not your research assistant.


I agree. You should listen to this guy, Henry Cuellar. He doesn’t just visit the border. He lives there. He drinks the water. He breathes the air there.

He also meets with the border patrol. The citizens. The local law enforcement. He also sits on the House Appropriations Committee.

Just listen to this guy. He is not a crazy liberal. He has facts.


You made the claim, you back it up, otherwise its nothing more than worthless conjecture.


Google is your friend. :kissing_heart:


No need, youve made it clear you have no intention backing up a stupid claim.

There is precisely no need to respond to any post here where the onus is, i make a claim and tell the other person to google it. Its lazy debating and par for the course for claims just like the one made.


Well, my dear. You are not all powerful. Just because you make a demand does not mean I feel any compulsion to meet it.

If you want to figure out why Trump rejected offers then see what was offered that he found worth rejecting. Lest, of course, you want to sound like a shill.