BOOKER: Criticism of Ilhan Omar's Offensive Rhetoric is ‘Trafficking Islamophobia’ and 'Toxic'

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Sen. Cory Booker doubled-down on his fierce defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Israeli statements this week; saying “critics” of the Congresswoman were “trafficking in Islamophobia.”

“What will you do as president to protect the right of courageous women of color to criticize U.S. policy even when directed at allies?” asked an audience member at the ‘She the People’ presidential forum.

“The criticisms of Congresswoman Omar, what Donald Trump has been saying about her is reprehensible, it is trafficking in Islamophobia, and it should be condemned by everyone,” Booker said. “This kind of selective condemnation should be a chorus of people condemning it.”

“And more than this, the kind of language our president uses, especially about black women in power, the kind of language this President uses – it is toxic,” he added.