BOMBSHELL: McCabe Admits He Ordered Obstruction Probe, Confirms DOJ Considered ‘Removing’ Trump | Sean Hannity

Former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe publicly admitted Wednesday night that began an “obstruction of justice” investigation after President Trump fired disgraced bureau chief James Comey from the agency.

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Hey Sean, You need to have George Webb on your show. He has all the intel that you won’t talk about. He knows the game of Mueller and company. Why don’t you have him on. The man is a genius reporter who knows more than anyone will talk about.
Time to bring him in to play real hard ball with the deep state globalists.


Wow, seems those in the swamp, or those that have the most to hide are getting desperate. Foremost, it is quite apparent that the Liberal Anarchist are encouraging it to the maximum effort. These are desperate times for the liberals…

The swamp is getting more shallow by the day. Truth hurts the democrats even when the FAKE NEWS spins it.

Certainly happy that some of the biggest swamp creatures are coming forth with the semi-truth (still an awful lot hidden) and the White Hats already know the answers to the questions, so no chance of denying it.
But before we hail McCabe as a hero for spilling the beans…
Remember he was one of lead swamp creatures!!!

Did he miss class that day when they learned about Miranda rights? You know " any thing you say can be held against you".