BOMBSHELL: Iran Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal

Big news coming from Iran, the Iranian regime is threatening to blow the whistle on corrupt Western officials who took bribes during negotiations unless Europe stays in the deal and pressure the US to rejoin.

Could this be why John Kerry has been sweating so much lately, and working furiously through back channels? The disgusting Iran deal stunk from now one, and now it appears that corrupt Obama and EU officials may have been receiving illegal bribes from the Iranian government.

Obama, Kerry and the rest of the scum from the previous administrations will not be able to run for long. Justice is coming. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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I’d be ashamed but not surprised if this applied to US citizens? If it does apply, they should be publicly exposed and disgraced, then prosecuted to the full extent of the law?

Why ?'s

If any US Citizen took bribes they SHOULD be exposed and prosecuted. If it someone in another country, they should be exposed and we should ask THEIR government why it was allowed to happen.


Nothing from GP is a bombshell.

If Fake News exists, it exists at gateway Pundit.

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“If”? Other than that…let me attem.

Can I use the “we do it too” line that cons use about Russian hacking?

There was bribery involved in the hacking?

He meant US bribes foreign officials. #allbribesmatter

You think we’re so innocent when it comes to bribing?!

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Have to agree, needs a better source.

I don’t and that’s a big problem for me. I want those corrupt individuals exposed, no matter who they are and from which side of the aisle they represent.

Hahaha lib!

Which side of the aisle is Iran on

Ask Kerry that question, he’s the current resident expert on that subject.

We aren’t always on opposite sides and one day, when what was way off in the distance that you labeled “conspiracies” comes more into focus, we’ll be holding hands.:sunglasses:

If Iran has evidence of illegality on anyone they should be brought to task for their illegality.

Post your evidence Iran, don’t be coy, don’t be shy, let the chips fall as they may!

Omg did you seriously just start another Jim Hoft thread? :joy:

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Let’s ask you instead. After all, one of the rationales we’ve seen for Trump pulling out of the Iran nuke deal is that Iran can’t be trusted. So if that’s the case, aside from the fact that the source here is Jim Hoft and Gateway Pundit, how can we trust that they’d be telling the truth in this case?

And please-no deflections to Kerry or Obama or Hillary.

Only 3 lols , gp deserves at least 6