Bomb sent to CNN in NYC (10-24-2018)

is everyone getting bombs in the mail.


The list so far:
The Clintons
The Obamas
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Hmm, I wonder what they all have in common.

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Im curious who lied to CNN about the White House bomb? They cited a leo, honest mistake?

They all shop at old navy?

I wonder if Trump will mention this during one of his rallies?

We shall see, he’s having one today in Mosinee, WI
I wonder if trump supporters will be chanting “lock her up!” today.

Beyond time to tone down the rhetoric.

This is third world action and unacceptable.

I have NO doubt the perp(s.) will be quickly arrested.

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Something else happening.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz got one too.

The CNN one was addressed to John Brennan care of CNN.

Is this only considered a terrorist attack if one explodes?

These are acts of terrorism.

Bernie supporter? The Obama one makes me think not though

They clarified that the Obama bomb was processed at the same location the White House bomb would have been processed - I can see it being a legitimate error.

its more right wing terrorism. they are the cause of most of teh terrorist attacks in teh US

Ah that makes sense, thanks.

Awful lot of lone wolves out there.

and it’s going to get worse.



This. of course strikes close to home. I am in a ATT building a half a mile away.

went down to the mailroom to talk to the employees there.

everyone was talking about it.


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Possibly unrelated but exceedingly worrying: