Bomb Found at Bill and Hillary's House

Apparently a bomb was discovered at the NY home of Bill and Hillary CLinton.

Seems that the sickos are coming out of the woodwork.

First George Soros, now the Clintons. I hope this ends soon and no one gets hurt. This is dangerous.

I’m sure they are violent liberals. A false flag or something something.

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I wonder if it was the same individual?

That is unknown obviously at this time, but there’s a chance it could be the same person or persons.

Now one at the Obamas.

Unhinged frothy right wing nuts trying to bomb politicians. Color me surprised

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I condemn whoever did this.

No place for this ■■■■.


To add to @Dem’s post about Obama:

Now one was sent to Obama. Sick people. The level of hatred to send bombs to people’s houses in hopes of creating harm is repulsive.

Oh, and the cnbc story I just read said “potential explosive devices”, which is still not good, but doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bomb.

We’ll have to wait for more details.

Tell bill ayers.

Who gives a ■■■■ about Bill Ayers?

Yeah, probably Soros.

If you are talking about the lib mob it is perfectly reasonable to take individual acts of violence and assume they all approve, because they are a hive mind.

If you are talking about acts of violence against libs? Then it’s the act of a lone wolf nutjob acting completely independent of anything and anyone else, and all attempts to make generalizations about the right or Trumpists based on it is hateful and divisive.


Saw 9 years of excuse making on his behalf to protect his buddy. What did you see??


10charlie :wilted_flower:

It’s not like the current “President” is yelling how they should all be locked up or anything.

Not to be outdone by George Soros, Clinton’s want their own bomb headline.

And bill ayers group was responsible for sending a bomb to a judge’s home. Which I think you were just talking about there.

Are you blaming Bill Ayers for this? That’s what I am getting from your tangent. Please contact the FBI with your information.

What I am getting out of this is that some nutjob is sending or trying to send explosive devices to people. I have not made any of this political. Too bad you have to immediately go there. But, your intense hatred for Obama has clouded your judgment to be taken seriously.

There’s always a ■■■■■■■ tweet.