Bolton: 'We'll See' If Recognizing Russian Annexation Of Crimea Is On The Table

“White House National Security Adviser John Bolton on Sunday would not commit, one way or the other, on President Donald Trump’s comments that “we’re going to have to see” if the United States eventually recognizes Russia’s annexation of Crimea.”

Put in is getting everything that he wants.

And for what?

How else is he going to get Putin’s help in the next election?

Perhaps Russia will give up territory to Ukraine in return for Crimea. Perhaps pigs will fly.

There are lots of possibilities.

Two hookers and a bedpsread

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Putin wants us to leave Syria, and give full control to them. Trump will acquiesce to his Master. And as the Master of most of his base supporters, we will see people cheer on Trump’s decision to give over Syria to Russia.

He will never mention Crimea. He will never mention attacks on our nation, election system, or sovereignty. He is as transparent as a window here.

And the cult will cheer with reckless abandon. Nothing really matters anymore to them.

that’s fair.

and after a 18 months, Mueller has proof of that… and the blackmail Putin is using.

But its no big deal if our president is compromised. So its OK that Mueller is just sitting on the proof. Yeah… no need to get that Russian puppet out of the oval office. But you betcha… has got proof.


yes… Mueller has proof that Putin is Trump’s master. It’s in the dossier for gods sake.

I understand that Crimea is important. What’s our goal? That being said…how is the present course going?

I’m willing to wait for the entire report and investigation…are you?

Stop the presses…by George…think he’s got it?

You are willing to let a puppet of our biggest enemy rule the oval office when we could get rid of him?

That sounds irresponsible and…unamerican.

to a troll yes it would

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Our goal? Not to allow Russia a destabilizing force in the global order take over and claim territory from a sovereign country.

There isn’t much chance of that. I’d settle down a tad. China is where your eye should be. Russia is important globally though both economically but mostly militarily and to have a good line of communicationwith them…especially if you’re right…is productive. You should be on board right now…just sayin.



and yet the right is still writing editorials about Obama being a Manchurian President.

I always genuinely wondered if they got the reference or just assumed it meant something bad.