Bolton Counting chads for Bush

It is all about the Senate.

At the heart and soul of the progressive movement is the courts. While they often espouse the virtues of our democracy, many progressive policies have been won in the courts, not in the legislature. Roe v Wade for instance. In this light we should reassess the objectives of the Trump Impeachment.

It is an oft repeated talking point that the left hates Trump. That it is a personal dislike that drives the process. Yet, we would have to be fools to believe the managers and speaker consider that the senate may remove Trump from office.

They are not Anti-Russian. Nor are they pro constitution or pro American. They are for open borders and duplicitously claim to be concerned about the rule of law. The surveillance of the political opposition and false accusations of collusion make their rule of law priorities demonstrably false and fantastical.

So, what is this all about? It is not about national security, the rule of law, the constitution or our democracy. It is about the Senate and judicial appointments.

Why the senate? Simple, the progressives need the courts. The courts are the way to bypass democracy and the will of the people. Why persuade when you can coerce? In order to control the courts, they must control the senate.

The whole impeachment charade has nothing to do with removing Trump. It is all about winning the senate. If only 4 moderates vote for Bolton, Republican voters will not reelect them. If they vote against Bolton testifying the independents may vote against him. Either way the progressives win.

So, here is the game. The progressives are writing the rules and the Republicans unwittingly follow. Progressives claim the moral and emotional high ground while Republicans enter the valley of it isn’t impeachable. Yet it obviously is impeachable as the trial wears on.

The democrats may not beat Trump, but they will achieve their aims. Republicans talk about Biden for Bolton but ignore the crucial issues. The narrative started with the liberal press and again the NY Times contributes to the debate with the Bolton Book. This is more of the same.

The real issue is not Russia or Ukraine or election interference. The issue is how the Russia, Ukraine and election interference narratives originated. We need witnesses, we need transcripts, we know that Hillary and the DNC interfered with Bernie.

What we do not know is who is the whistle blower, what he communicated to the Schiff Staff, who was involved in the planning, what role Pelosi played in impeachment because it all occurred in the shadows.

The republicans are on trial when it should be the progressives. The senate will flip and that was the game all along. Stop the judicial appointments. One more conservative justice will set the progressives back generations. Trump is the excuse; their motives are in the shadows and exactly opposite of what they testify.

If their motives are in the shadows then how do you know about them?

A lot of 2+2=4 presumption going on there

Amazingly, there is indeed politics in politics.

Well, it rests on the presumption that the Senate will flip and Trump will still be president. In actuality, if the Senate does flip, it is likely that the WH will also flip - especially if the Dems pick up seats in the House. Just basic math.

It just so happens that they are talking about them.

Point of OP is that the Republicans are worried about defending Trump and he is not the real target.

Are you stating that the dems do not want the senate

unless of course the math doesn’t work