Boiling point...why hasn't Trump impeached yet?

Which democrat personally promised you they would impeach Trump?

Did they do it in a certified letter or did they DM you on twitter?

The specter of the dems ‘‘beating’’ up on Trump would engender some sympathy/support for him. And they wouldn’t want to do that. Remember the old saying:

‘‘Never interfere with your adversary when they’re making mistake’’

Most forum libs all insured me that Trump will be gone…what happen?

Why is Trump still here?

Russian collusion was sure thing I was told. Some of you all promised me.

‘‘Most’’ did no such thing.

So let’s see, he’s a racist, misogynist, dangerously incompetent and maybe even a pedophile, according to the left, but they can’t impeach him because, it might hurt their re-election chances? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the party of principles, Democrats.

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No they didn’t.

There is no need to make stupid ■■■■ up, the stupid posts are already bad enough.

And who are you again?

Wow…libs have short memories then.

How do libs have short memories of things that never happened?

Quite the paradox.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the party of principles, Republicans. Who will not convict such person for purely political reasons.

Hang on a second. That statement isn’t just constrained to Republicans.

I do recall that there were commitments that B Obama was going to be a one-term president. So one can conclude that some predictions do not come true.

My conclusion based on the posts I have read on here; it is those who appear to be on the same side as Trump are the ones agitating for Trump’s impeachment.

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Dog, I know you ain’t talking about principles. Not again anyway.


What insurance payout will you get if Trump doesn’t go?

It’s almost like they know if they don’t remove Trump Obama and his Deepstate traitors will be on trial during the whole 2020 campaign period.

Real presidents try traitors in courtrooms.
Phony blow-hards thunder “treason” at rallies and follow up with nothing.


What does that post mean?

Patients, Horowitz, Durham and Hubers investigations will be over before the 2020 elections.

It means the Democrats are worried that when the trials start it will lock bad for them.

Since when do lies bother Trump supporters?

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