Boiling point...why hasn't Trump impeached yet?

It’s been over 8 months now and libs are demanding action…so what’s the problem?

New Jersey, Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., faced a more hostile reception when she said she opposes impeachment at this time and reportedly was interrupted multiple times as she made her point. The crowd accused her of playing politics, according to Politico, and threatened her with a primary challenge.

Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., who has opposed impeachment, was shouted down by a hostile crowd of hundreds of activists and constituents when he said he opposed impeachment, according to Politico.

Libs need to start impeach 45 now movement and take it to the streets if necessary.

Because the party before country gop won’t convict him anyway no matter what



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So make your case instead of making excuses…

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The dem are too smart to fall for the trap.

You’re getting more desperate every day.

Yeah…libs are smart.

Chill, Nancy’s got this this. Its not even prime election cycle time yet. All in good timing.


One can only presume the call by Republican supporters for D Trump to be impeached is because they are too gutless to dump him themselves.

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Why would I want to dump him?

Only black lives matter and antifa want Trump impeached not the rest of America

Anonymous Trump supporters on the internet keep calling for the dems to impeach trump because they know it’s a loosing fight. the Dem are too smart to fall for that. Anonymous Trump supporters on the internet are not so smart.

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It seems libs masters are letting down their sheep after filling their heads with fake promises and fairy tails.

If I had to guess, I’d say Nancy Pelosi sees a political advantage in him staying in office, without giving him a flag to rally his supporters around.

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The fact Trump supporters seem eager for it may be a clue.

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You do realize that there is an open impeachment inquiry going on right now… don’t you?

That’s to placate and appease their radical base. But as you can read…they’re angry about it.

About as accurate as it gets. Even more entertaining the some people seem to think that the greater majority of democrats and those in the center or to the left of it other than hardcore partisans really want or care if Trump is impeached at this point. I’d dare say the only thing they want to see is him gone, whether it’s now or next November. Seems Pelosi is smart enough to time things just right to make that a possibility either way, and it also seems to be driving those calling for this on the right so badly nuts.

I just want libs to keep their promise.

Trump was suppose to be gone within 6 months…then a year…then be impeached.

What happen?

Or were they all lies?

So on one hand complaining that the radical base hasn’t started impeachment but when pointed out that impeachment has started in its initial phase then pointing out that the radical base is being appeased.

Okay … I guess.


You see something in it for you.