Boeing 737 Crash Near Tehran

Local Media reporting a Boeing 737 bound for Ukraine from Tehran has crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport. Shortly after the Ayatollah references the USS Vincennes shootdown of Iran Air flight 655. Also brings back chilling memories of the MI17 crash in Ukraine.

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The first question I’m asking is…who was on that plane?

what a bizarre night

Things are definitely not calming down. Initial cause is listed as a “technical issue.” Wonder how this will be spun. Who’s having a worse night…Iran…or Boeing?

FlightRadar24 shows the plane was climbing at 8,000 feet before disappearing. Twitter now has video of a huge fireball coming down in the area of the crash. Technical issue indeed.

Boeing can’t catch a break.

I haven’t seen that mentioned much.

Naw. Some people are seeing their life’s work come to fruition.

Also this:

Well, in my opinion people should be in jail after what went on with the Supermax. Instead, the CEO resigns with a golden parachute, pay a few million dollars in a “settlement” to the victims of two crashes, and life goes on. Capitalism at its finest.

Rouhani’s Twitter account…just yesterday.

Too many “coincidences” at this point.

I meant generally. One of those things we forgot but they didn’t.

Looks like no survivors…

No way in hell anyone survived that. And it certainly wasn’t a “technical” issue.

Ukraine can’t catch a break.

What if it was Iranian AA? How nuts would it be if that the Iranian response to their number two getting greased would be to blow up Iraqis at an airbase and shoot down an Ukrainian airliner over Tehran?

Fog of war. Best not to let the imagination run too wild, stick with what we know.

There’s flaming chunks coming off the aircraft. It gets to about 7500 feet then the data cuts out suddenly. Technical malfunction?

Nothing confirmed of course but really suspicious.

Very interested to see the passenger manifest on this. How could they possibly mistake a passenger airliner traveling NORTHWEST to Ukraine for an inbound fighter jet that would be traveling EAST from Iraq? This makes no sense.

Who is they?

When I saw the news of things popping off earlier I noticed over the shoulder of a correspondent in Tehran a large jet taking off in the distance of the shot and thought that was weird. Guess business never stops.