Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


He is asking to give an example from the book from the campaign part that you found interesting.



I don’t know exactly when you guys started on this “all opinions are equally valid” thing, but you must recognize that factual relativism is nothing more than a way to avoid debate, right?



I guess that would be my answer. I still don’t understand where the question is leading???

It is just a book.


How did we get from me talking about ones opinion to “factual relativism”??? Maybe you could provide some insight into what you are trying to say.


Then you arent reading it…



Actually I’m halfway through the book. As a point of reference, this is the seventh Woodward book that I’ve read.

I’m still scratching my head over what LIBs were hoping to find in this book. If you would have read other Woodward books, you would find that he provided some good insight into the inner workings of prior administrations. Each of them unique in their own way.

Halfway through this book, I haven’t run into any earthshattering revelations that I wasn’t already aware of in regards to the various infighting and various camps competing for Trump’s attention. That is pretty much in line with how Trump has managed throughout his life. It has carried over to the WH. As I’ve stated in the past, I’m all about the results and don’t care too much about the process.

I’ll weigh in again when I finish the book.


A left-leaning, centrist, political junkie friend of mine finished the book, and he just told me that before reading it, he was “99% sure” that Trump had colluded with Russia. After reading the book, he says that now he’s not so sure–although he didn’t update his percentages.

All of which makes Trump’s admission of obstruction of justice to Lester Holt so much odder.


So, my copy came in last night. I’m only a couple of chapters in, but a couple of things have already stuck out to me.

  1. The book opens with a meeting where he was considering a presidential run in 2010. During that meeting, it came out that he essentially had not idea there was a pro-life / pro- choice debate going on in the country. Wow - I have to wonder what rock he has been hiding under for the last 5 decades. That is literally one of the key linchpins (if not THE linchpin) of the Republican platform. I knew all about that debate before I even hit puberty.

  2. His voting record (specifically lack of voting in primaries with one exception) was discussed. He kept swearing he had voted every single time he had the opportunity. Trump apparently didn’t know what a primary election was. Again, this one floored me. I have voted in every single primary, runoff, and general election since I was 19 (the first time I was eligible). We’ve got a sitting president where the voting system in this country had to be explained to him before he ran. Think about that.

I’m only on chapter 2 right now. I have a feeling I’m going to be shaking my head quite a bit over the next few days.


Clearly you didnt read it. .see how rover gave examples to show he read it? You havent


Was it you who was asking me about the cover? If you take the paper cover off, no pictures are on the hardcover portion.


Law & Order Trump Republicans


Yes it was me…I ended up buying it off audible because I have a credit…


Do you believe Rudy or Fox?


I’ve posted a gazillion times that Trump is an idiot. I honestly didn’t think he was that stupid.


Every one who gives any credence to Trump collusion with Russia or even an investigation into such collusion.


Powerful butthurt eminating from Ish’s post.

He voted for a cheating liar and is pissed off that his candidate and his cronies are going to prison for their crimes.

Must suck to support criminals with so much emotion.


Starting to sink in huh?


Law & Order

I guess these guys side with bank robbers and mafia guys too.


I think we’ve reached the point where they realize that everyone else is expendable and they must save Trump.

Not that different than how the New York City con man has been forever.


Your delusions are entertaining. But actually, my butt is fine. And it’s not available for your inspection.

I was only answering the question.