Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


How narrative nonfiction is written, let me show you it.


The implication was that I should try and get her involved in political discussion. That would change who she is, and I have no intention of doing that. I’ve lived with this precious person for 46 years, and I like her just the way she is.


That’s not even the Moonie Times, that’s one of those “citizen journalist” Examiner sites. No real paper wouldn’t publish that.


More than a few legal experts would disagree.


Good for the both of you. I guess I’m just glad she doesn’t always vote.


No one is denying those facts. They have nothing to do with Trump or his campaign, but hey there’s still that whole wishing and hoping thing!


Yes she was, because the DNC wasn’t paying attention to the nuts and bolts of states and the EC. You think they’ll make that mistake again?


Yes, I’m sure you can find more than enough Trump loving lawyers that will repeat right wing talking points.

What else is new?


Dershowitz is a DEM who voted for and still supports Hillary.


He’s an attention whore willing to say anything to get a TV plug. You guys are giving him exactly what he wants, all he has to do is repeat right wing talking points.


do you feel you have become more open to the long lasting effects of things instead of short term winning?


Meh. I don’t believe I was ever someone who thought in terms of short term victory. I’ve never been one to view politics as a sport. Rather as an instrument to advance our nation, making it a better place for all who are blessed to be here. But like all humans, I make mistakes and try to be honest and truthful about the mistakes I make. When it comes to politics, I do try to think about the long-term consequences and ramifications of policy and decisions. But like any amateur prognosticator, I get it wrong sometimes.

At my core, I believe in freedom and liberty for all. And try to approach most policy from this perspective of whether something advances these principles or hinders these principles. I’m fully aware also, that sometimes it can do both, for different folks, depending on the situation. Which makes it tricky.


fair enough…Wish i knew you back then to see if hat you claim is true.
We all make mistakes ( well almost all of us. we all know one person here doesn’t)
I always feel the best route is to find balance and in the middle. You swing to far to one side and it never works.






10 char


I don’t disagree by and large.

There are a bunch of inmates serving time for ripping their mattress tags off that would disagree with you here. :laughing:


That was an historical thread.




One of the all time greats.


Oh dont make that face…someone might flag it.