Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


This is your lie.


Not to the conversation about mainstream Americans following politics as we on this forum do. Most Americans don’t follow Washington politics like we do. They really don’t.

Thus, when Trump-haters begin frothing at the mouth over everything Trump says, they assume most Americans are also frothing at the mouth. That simply isn’t true.


More than a few legal experts have called this out for the crap that it is. Nothing will ever come of it.


Do you even read the posts you’re responding to? What makes you think trump won’t be primaried? His approval rating by an ever-shrinking republican base does not preclude that same base supporting another republican. You forget: most republicans did not vote for trump in the primary. In fact over 65% of them didn’t.


When did learning something new lead to “change who she is?” If it does, that’s kind of scary.


Probably not. Like nothing ever came of Nixon being an unindicted co-conspirator.

But, there you have it.

The President’s personal lawyer pleaded guilty to making a payment that was functionally a campaign contribution to affect the outcome of an election after having conspired with another person to make it happen and named that other person as the President of the United States.

Personal lawyer.


Plea accepted by judge.


It does matter to whether this has any effect on his re-election chances.

She doesn’t vote.


That’s kind of my thought too, but I don’t have the time to get bogged down in a three day back and forth with him, lol.


You attempt to end practically every “debate” by clenching your little fists, stamping your little feet and threatening to run home. Have at it, dude.


Now tell me that you nor most other Democrats couldn’t already taste their victory the day before the 2016 election.


A large number of posters around here have the idea that if they have “last tag” they have “won” the discussion. Not so.


You could always impose term limits and if doesnt work out remove them.

Did you oppose citizens?


You’ve painted yourself into another silly corner.


How did you find your way here?


She needed Bernie voters.


So what? It is meaningless in regards to Trump.


I find it increasingly difficult to move on once a discussion has run its course.

I understand that most LIBs I’ve dealt with are obsessed with trying to make me see things as they do. They can’t simply walk away and agree to disagree. What I find to be surprising, however, is the number of never Trump conservatives that seem to exhibit the same behavior.

In both cases, I find myself having to explicitly remove myself. I quickly tire of a back and forth that devolves into the trading of insults.


I joined in 2005. Back then I went into the office every day and listened to talk radio during my commute. Hannity was one of many hosts I listened to from both sides of the political aisle. I was also an avid listener of Air America during its brief run.


The point being that she has her interests and I have mine. She would have no interest in watching “All The Presidents Men” and I would have no interest in introducing her to it. She is an avid horror fan. She knows I have no interest in those movies and she respects that by not trying to get me to watch that kind of a movie. She has no interest in politics and I respect that by not trying to get her to watch that kind of material.


It’s an interesting perspective that being a named co-conspirator in a criminal act is meaningless.

It is not meaningless. It is freighted with great meaning.