Bob Woodward’s Stunning Look into the Presidency


Sure, just like they did in 2016. :rofl:


Does she vote?


Trump’s approval ratings among those remaining as self-identifying Republicans is irrelevant to the point I’m making regarding the contraction within the party. Of course those who remain are loyal and approving of Trump. It’s about those leaving the party because of him.


Who was on Fox today? Woodward? I didn’t know that if true. I don’t watch Fox as a general rule.


@reflechissez point clearly went sailing over your head here.


Sometimes. She didn’t vote in 2016.


It always does.
She appeared to be saying I was lying about the 98% chance given by Huffington.
Whether Hillary literally believed it was obviously my opinion, but all you have to do is look at the posts in this forume (well, you can’t now) to see that Democrats were fully buying that and other such predictions.


If you honestly believe a conservative third party candidate will gain any traction in 2020, you are living in a dream world.

You will have 2 viable choices in 2020, just as you did in 2016. It is shaping up to be Trump against a DEM candidate. If you waste your vote by not voting for Trump, you will essentially be pulling the lever for the DEM candidate.


Can you get her to watch All the President’s Men? Not the book, but it would at least give her an idea of who Woodward is. Plus, she’ll get to watch Redford. :slight_smile:


Negative. I provide facts and evidence and links to “support” my opinion. You just spout an opinion. That does not make them equal, no matter what you fallaciously claim in your personal attacks against me.

Now, if you also supported your opinions with facts and evidence and links, then you’d have a point. But that’s not typically how you roll. You just declare things are a certain way, regardless of the facts and evidence to the contrary.


Why? She is happy and so am I. I have no urge to change who she is.


Knowing who Woodward is would change who she is?


You left out the part where I stated that I was done with this conversation.


What would be the point? She would have no more interest in sitting through such a movie than I would have of sitting through one of her horror flicks.


I think you’re confused again, son. You have asserted that all liberals read and believed Huffpo. Not true. I’m a regular reader and it appears you know more about what they post than I do.


Then her interest (or lack of it) is irrelevant.


It’s a very good movie. Her loss, I guess.


Good lord. Here we go again with BooBoo’s inferiority complex.


You left out the part where most cons here were more skeptical of Trump winning than any lib I recall.


Sure. He hasn’t been convicted of anything.

He’s an unindicted co-conspirator who was named by another conspirator in the guilty plea. Accepted by a judge.