Blue Wave, Red Wave, New Wave, New Age?

Supposedly, there is suppose to be a Blue Wave of Democrats being voted in, and take over the majority, but what if something, or someone has other plans? and it’s suppose to be a Red Wave of Republicans that continue to keep the majority?

Ok i have supposed. Now what?

I hear orange is the new red …

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Suppose it is a green wave of environmentalist hippies who write in cartoon characters on their ballots and we end up electing Bugs Bunny the governor of Pennsylvania?

Okay, whose turn is it to suppose?

I don’t care who ya are…that was funny. :joy:

When the inevitable Trump documentary comes out, I’m going to wear shades in the theater because orange is my least favorite color.

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Now suppose again.

Is that like insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again ad expecting a different result?

No no no… if you suppose twice, then you are one step closer to nirvana. Suppose three times and water flows upwards. Suppose four times and Hillary is president.

I don’t know why people vote for dems…

I’m not surprised.

Lol ya I thought the same

Who would be… They only run a race.

I went to see Richie Ramone last night. Not quite new wave, but close.

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