Blue Wave keeps rolling on in So. California: Rohrabacher 7k behind, other R's on shaky ground

The Los Angeles Times is reporting two Southern California Republicans are losing their respective races and two others are in tight contests that they also will likely lose. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is currently 7,300 votes behind his opponent Democrat Harley Rouda. Republican Rep. Jeff Denham is now behind Democrat Josh Harder. Two other R’s, Rep. Mimi Walters and Young Kim have seen their leads shrink. The newspaper says if historical trends hold, all four will lose. More than 50,000 votes have yet to be counted in each contest, according to analysts, and votes tallied latest in California nearly always skew Democratic.

As the saying goes, elections have consequences.

Rohrabacher losing makes me very happy.

Sinema’s lead over McSally in Arizona has widened to 20K, with votes from Pima County (where Sinema has a 13 point lead) still to be counted. Republicans are Trump-levels of unhinged, screaming voter fraud.


Me too. The last report I’d heard he was ahead. I’m loving this. The Russian puppet will soon (hopefully) be gone.

Scott’s shenanigans in Florida are mind-blowing. It’s like he thinks the world owes him to be elected. He seems to forget the voters call the shots.

Me too. Rohrabacher losing is cool to see.

Southern California, as with all of urbanizing California, has been trending Democratic for years. This is probably 50% “wave” and 50% culmination of something that was going to happen anyway (within the next 2 to 4 years), wave or no wave.

Not in Rohrabacher’s district, that area will always be red.

Not really. Orange County as a whole was once a Republican citadel. Today, that little strip is about all that is left and a few more years will likely shift it blue.

Rohrabacher can now go and grt his Russian citizenship, like he always wanted.

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In this day and age of technology, it’s a corrupt voting system when the count can’t be determined immediately after election day. When time goes by, doors close, neutral observation is prohibited…“we” will lose faith in it’s integrity.

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Hmmm… technology has certainly sped up mail delivery but I’m wondering if you have some new technology that can get absentee ballots from around the world to a county election office in one day… would love hear about it

They were rec’d prior to election day…correct?

While many other states try to make voting more difficult. California does the opposite by removing every obstacle that it reasonably can remove. Same day registration? Sure. Count every mail in ballot that is in circulation on election day? Why not?

Don’t like it? Go live someplace else.

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The vote count is still ongoing in Texas, yet I don’t hear cries about corruption in that race.

People don’t normally pay attention to how long these races can take to 100% verify, because the early calls are usually correct.


Oh Smyrna, still trusting project veritas.

The poll workers aren’t required to check for citizenship, just registration. That’s normal.

As is the amount of time it’s taking to count some of these votes, especially given this was the highest mid-term turnout in 50 years.

Though that Florida district is definitely not normal.


All states require absentee ballots arrive on election day?

See, this question, is precisely why many, particularly conservatives for some reason, get all riled up about elections… They don’t bother to actually try to understand how voting is conducted in the US.


It’s a decentralised mess.

Yep… Creates this kind of hysteria…