BLUE WAVE? Former DNC Boss Donna Brazile Says Dems Ready for ‘Historic Year’

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Former DNC boss Donna Brazile doubled-down on the media’s hyped “blue wave” this week, telling supporters the Democratic Party is on the “cusp” of a historic year just weeks ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Brazile was speaking in Washington, DC Monday when she urged Democratic voters to head to the polls this November, saying “We say this every year, but this election has consequences.”

“If we vote, this will be a historic year,” she continued. “We need to take the right to vote seriously.”

Brazile made national headlines last year when she unveiled Hillary Clinton’s “secret take-over” of the Democratic Party ahead of the 2016 presidential election; detailing how the former Obama official “stole” the primary from Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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