BLUE WAVE CRASHING: New Polls Show Democrats' Advantage COLLAPSING

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Democrats across the country are sounding the alarm after new polling shows liberal candidates are slowly losing ground to their GOP opponents just months before the high-stakes 2018 midterm elections.

According to new surveys published by Real Clear Politics, the Democrat advantage has largely vanished; shrinking from a whipping 13 points in December to just four points at the end of May.

The poll cites a list of Trump’s achievements as the motivating factor behind the ‘Trump Bump,’ saying tax cuts helped energize the President’s base while average Americans across the country are beginning to “question” the entire Mueller investigation.

“There’s a couple of things going on. I think the good economic news is starting to break through. I think people are starting to question where the Mueller investigation is going. I think it had kept the president down for a while. And I think the tax cuts energized the Republican base and are playing a role in the president’s improving fortunes,” writes the survey.

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Okay but when is the GOP leadership going to tell voters why to vote for them vs Dem’s? Are they all going to campaign on Trump’s wins?

Look out, folks, it’s another high stakes, winner takes all election! Where are you going to be?

Today, polls matter.

Awe. I don’t want it to be shown in the polls. I want it to be a surprise to them like 2016, so we an watch Maddows and Mathews face when they find they don’t take the House or Senate.

Or they could campaign on the only way to get a win and secure our border is to kick out some Democrats.