BLUE STATE EXODUS: Residents Flee HIGH TAXES in New York, California

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Residents in liberal states throughout the country are ditching high taxes and rising crime rates in search of a better deal; relocating to red states that have lower costs and more business incentives heading into summer 2018.

According to the Wall Street Journal, countless Americans are leaving New York, New Jersey, and California; opting to relocate to more financially-friendly states such as Nevada and Florida following the GOP-sponsored tax cuts.

"I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of clients who want to purchase in Palm Beach to establish residency in Florida,” said the director of luxury sales at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. “And there has been a pickup since Jan. 1.”

“They were finance people in their mid- to late-30s looking in the $700,000 to $1.5 million range for condos on the island,” he added. “That night I saw before my eyes how this tax law is impacting the real-estate industry here.”

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I hope it’s not the liberals moving. They love high taxes, right? Have the govt tell you how to water your lawn etc. My non-rich lib buddy is looking to move out of Cal too. Drools over lower cost housing, lower taxes and short commute times. No, I don’t say a thing to him about it. Except rent for a year before buying. And it’s easy to move out of Cal, but hard to move back. You got to pay to stay in Cal, and he voted for that, not me…

If he owns his own home in California, sells it, and then uses those proceeds to buy a home elsewhere there is a tax break of some sort on the sale of the home … but he needs to be sure about any home he’s moving into because from what I’ve heard if he changes that to anything but primary residence in 5 years California will try to claw back the taxes.

Homes in my town in east central NY aren’t staying on the market more than a day and are going for way over asking price. Some people have just stopped looking for now as they are just getting outbid or house is sold before they’ve even had the chance to see it.

Our property/school taxes are very high, too. I pay $10k on a 3 bed 1 1/2 bedroom 1800 sq ft 1950’s ranch and I am in a small house for my town. I know many people who pay $20k-$25k/yr in prop taxes for 4 bedroom colonials.

The capping of our state and local taxes from the new tax bill doesnt seem to be stopping anyone from buying here, either.

If I put my house on the market it would be sold in a few hours (but I have no intention of doing that, as it perfect size for empty nesters.)