Blue Lives Mater No 911

No 911? I’ll have to call “357”


Call 411 and get information about plan B of those whose plan it was to defund the police? :sunglasses:

Welcome to Hannity Land my friend…where life is wonderful all the tiiiiime. Oh wait, that’s the funny farm.


They’ll eventually get there in 4-5 hours that is.

I got some maters on the vine from Wegmans. Bacon, lettuce and maters on whole wheat…ummmm ummm.

Welcome to the forum!

Democrats leading the charge to dismantle police would say that just asking the question comes from a “place of privilege”. Consider this recent interview on of a Minneapolis councilwoman, Lisa Bender, on CNN:

CAMEROTA: . . . What if in the middle of night, my home is broken into? Who do I call?

BENDER: Yes, I mean, hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know – and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege.

I’m guessing she would disapprove of shooting the intruder then? :grin:

Isn’t she part of the system that’s supposed to provide Security for the community she’s responsible for?

I’m guessing you better not depend on her.


She has that sick Obama mentality.

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Probably the mentality of a hard left Professor that specializes in indoctrinating students.


They’re too busy throwing 3 am parades.

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Yea I’m sure that would be a “violation” of there rights…(sic)
Good luck in my trailer park!!!

She goes round and round and round with her ignorant non-response. How did people actually arrive at their mindset in life? Never mind… :sunglasses:

She is no doubt extremely well indoctrinated. :roll_eyes:

The point is WHAT are you going to do when you need to call 911 and your put on hold? Ask the mugger,thief,murder to Hold on? I know what I’m going to do regardless of the consequences!!!

Don’t worry. The silent majority is breaking their silence all across the US and recalling dumb mayors and city council members that endorse this dumb, stupid, ridiculous, reactionary, ill thought out policy of defunding the police.

I couldn’t even listen to that entire interview. I cut her off at 1:26, Bender indeed.

Man, gun sales are about to spike yet again.

No my friend…they already are…big time.

It’s already getting harder and harder to buy guns and ammo. They are being bought as fast as they can be manfactored it seems like.

In the minds of people like her were not allowed to unless they actually shoot at us first, of course by that time we would either be dead or significantly injured. It would simply be an example of privileged people getting what they deserve.