Bloomberg uses the "C" word at the debate

Seems like it to me.

Big facts

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That’s all I speak. :sunglasses:

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Yes, the Democratic Party has shifted far to the left.

As far as Sanders alleged communist connection, he certainly has campaign workers who support Soviet methods for dealing with political opponents. Here are a few examples:

  1. Bernie campaign worker attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen:
    Reports: Virginia shooter volunteered on Bernie Sanders Iowa campaign

  2. Paid Sanders campaign worker advocates violence against Trump supporters and “cities will burn if Trump is elected”:
    WATCH: Project Veritas Releases Video of Bernie Sanders Staffer |

  3. Another Bernie staffer supports re-education camps and gulags for Republicans:
    Project Veritas: Another Bernie Staffer Dreams of GOP 'Re-Education'

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Gulags are hip now.

Siberian gulags are always extremely cool if not frigid.

Absolutely. I was thinking Alaska would be a great place for the Sanders gulag archipelago. Then we can sell the land back to Russia.

Yes…if have about 35 percent to 40 percent of democrats that are hardcore socialist to commie here. About 10 percent would agree with Soviet style solution for capitalist.

Russia already has a 1990s video asking for Alaska back:

I like the lines:

We have plenty of red cloth.
We’ll make shirts for all of you, brothers. (2:16-2:22)

Red could become very fashionable if Sanders is elected.

Yes…how else are they going to deal with those that don’t confirm to left-wing ideologue?

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Red is a tricky color to wear. You have to be fabulous to pull it off.

Dunno conan, maybe show up to vote?

Some songs never change: image

C’est tres chic!

No they are pretty even in that regard.

He’s the proud pick of AOC and the squad as well as their followers. That pretty well says it all.

Somehow a lot of nut cases seem to end up as Bernie supporters:

Then there is a the knife wielding attacker in Portland who killed to men who stepped between him and two Muslim women. It turns out the attacker was a Sanders supporter as well:

Of course there are exceptions. For example, a Bernie supporter was naive enough to bring an American flag to an Antifa rally. It did not end well for him:

Can we expect more violence from the left if Bernie becomes the Democratic nominee?

If you like Bloomberg so much maybe you should invite him into the GOP.

Bloomberg left the GOP years ago.