Bloomberg’s deplorable moment

The dude literally released an ad attacking the Bernie bro’s. That’s a minimum of pissing 20% of the Democratic base off, and these are the people that most will not hold their nose and vote for you anyways. Twitter on :fire:

Maybe Bumbleberg will split the vote as an Independent. :rofl:

The moment the Bloomberg ad dropped at #bernie2020 twitter reaction.

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Yeah…what elitist ■■■■■■■ snob. He’s really exposing their attitude isn’t he?

Attacks the farmers, Attacking machinist as being less then smart.

He’s someone that would be just another statistics…

He picked the wrong bunch to go after they are ruthless. They aren’t like the maga meme makers they go after people and dox them irl, as well as harass their campaigns. Not all of them of course but a significant amount lol.


hunter’s dad might not be done yet after all.

Just kidding. But please, please, please let it be biden.

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Bernie’s going to be the nominee look at this crowd he pulled at Tacoma and hour south of me. No other socialist can pull that many people in a rally unless under gun point.

Nobody is talking about this

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Speaking of a “deplorable moment”…if Bloomberg chooses Hillary as his running mate and then…he mysteriously dies…is she still in the running? :sunglasses:

you forgot about how black and latino males don’t know how to behave in the work place.

He is a reflection of The Base.

Hillary is better off just taking out all of the candidates before Super Tuesday. She and Bill can have “private meetings” with all the candidates. Then when they all suddenly get violently ill and die, she’ll be in the clear.

Bloomberg’s campaign might crash and burn as more and more of his past stupidity becomes the present. His ignorant arrogant comments about farmers are just laughable.

If this man doesn’t understand that farmers are responsible for budgeting, marketing, equipment maintenance, product and inventory management…If he thinks farming is just dig a hole plant a seed raise a plant…Well then he ain’t all that bright. Sorry mini Mike but your gray matter wasn’t working when you made this speech. Less than 2% of our population feeds a country of 300+ million people and a large chunk of the world.

The lesson…Just because a guy is rich doesn’t mean he’s all that bright.

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And Trump is just like the rest of us common folk…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No, he’s not.

One of those moments where you have to sit back and ask “How would the media respond if Trump had made a statement like that”.
Or if Trump had said being a farmer was easy, you just plant some corn and it comes up?

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A vote for Bloomberg is vote to throw granny over the cliff.

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The media would have been outraged and pitched an absolute fit, and Trump’s supporters would have shrugged and TDSed and orange-man-baded.

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Latest NPR/PBS poll has the top two nationally at

Sanders 31%
Bloomberg 19%

Sanders leaving the competition :racing_car: