Bloomberg: Going, Going, Gone

With both Bloomberg and Warren reassessing their campaigns it looks like its about to become a 2 man race both literally and figuratively

…but…but…they’re two…old…rich…white guys…that aren’t gay, transgender or Muslim? Whaaaaaat? :sunglasses:

Sorry but that schtick aint sticking. It totally ignore the reality that the Democrats are the party of diversity and have fielded a minority or female nominee in the last 3 elections. Something the Republicans have never done in their entire history


Why don’t you take a look at the Democrats serving in Congress, and then the Republicans serving in Congress, and get back to us?

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Bloomberg sucks.


Good. Adios. Don’t let the door hit ya. Just a richer, smarter Trump. See ya.

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Oh look, Mini Mike endorsed the Kid Sniffer. Sorry, Bernster. lol

The libs went black and now they’re going back, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them from voting as they’re told! :sunglasses:

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But … but … but … he was going to get it done.

Guess someone forgot to tell him he needed to get elected first…

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So Biden just became Bloomberg you know what.

Yeah, ■■■■ that guy. He was the only one that I had a seriously hard time actually considering holding my nose for in the general.


I gladly voted against him three times in NYC.

The more that people got to know about him the worse he looked.

Thankfully his dalliance with buying a place in the election is over.

Smarter? That’s laughable. I certainly haven’t seen any Bloomberg policy that is anywhere close to as good as Trump’s. Every dem has the same stooopid idea. Reverse everything that Trump has done to make us more free and prosperous. Put the focus on the plight of foreign nationals.

Bottom line is: You’re getting Joe. I have seen no evidence that he has the mental capacity for such a job.

We should all be thankful that Bloomberg created so many jobs with his campaign and that Trump’s tax breaks for the rich allowed Bloomberg to trickle down his wealth this year

I’m somewhat disappointed.

I really wanted to see the commie and rich elitist snob duke it out.

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Maybe ‘it’ was ejecting Trump from the WH. In that case, he will still do it.

I’m surprised he went out that cleanly. Mike gets an attaboy.


…a broke one.

I never believed in trickle down. I always believed that if you stay out of trouble, finish school, learn a skill that is valuable to an employer and show up every day ready to contribute, then you won’t need trickle down. You can make your own trickle. Agree? :blush:

Depends. There’s always only X seats available for any job. It doesn’t matter if everyone works hard and makes perfect choices.