BLOODY BRITAIN: Families Consider ‘KNIFE-PROOF VESTS’ as Murder Rate Soars | Sean Hannity

Families across London are considering purchasing “knife-proof vests” for their children as the murder rate throughout the UK capital continued to soar this summer; raising serious security concerns for residents across the United Kingdom.

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I wonder why they have to worry about getting stabbed on a daily basis? Could it be because they allowed so many radical Muslims into their country? That they want to be open to all to enter? Maybe if they would vote for someone that would want to address the problem they might get it solved? All of Europe has gotten the problem yet they still don’t get it. When you let people that have the sole purpose of ruling the world into your country you are going to have problems. Until you realize that wear your vests. Vests won’t help when you’re run over by a psychopath in a truck though.

Easier to make than the bullet proof vests Americans need.