Blood in the streets of S Carolina


The recently enacted open carry law in South Carolina goes into effect tomorrow. I predict that after a few possible publicity demonstrations by open carry advocates, and maybe some counter demonstrations by anti-gunners as well, most people won’t even notice. Any blood seen on the streets will be coming from the eyes of lib Karens. ( :thinking: is that redundant?)

SC open-carry handgun law to begin Aug. 15; police, community prepare to see more guns | News |


18 days to Constitutional carry in Texas.

2023 will be for removing restricted places.

Open carry is stupid. It’s sad to see that not all people are enjoying the same freedoms.

I wouldn’t say its stupid. What’s stupid is that States feel they need to pass laws to allow natural rights.

At least SC took the opportunity to also declare themselves a 2nd Amendment sanctuary State.


Constitutional carry is the way to go. It’s growing among states, but all states should have it. No permit required to conceal carry.


Will crime go down? That’s what I want to see?

I support 2a and conceal carry. I don’t get open carry.

Why do you want to declare that you have gun on you.

If the bad guy knows you are carrying, they’ll change their tactic and sneak up on you.


But it looks so tacticool…


I have a gun on my hip. Sneak up on me now. Tell me how you would go about doing it, or better yet, why you would increase your risk of failure in whatever you’re plotting?

Now tell me how that event would go in an area you knew was “gun free.”

SC Congress critters were urged to go this direction. Politics were more important than rights for some reason.

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What you do in your own time is your own business… :wink:

Pilgriiim…I’ll give ya till sundown…ta get outta town. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

It’s what I do all the time.


Come on down and see for yourself which one is more accurate.

Regardless of what you think of the tactical advantages of conceal vs. open carry, it should be your choice, not the government’s.


Spoken as a bad guy? :thinking:

If those guys were equipped like those in the first picture, they wouldn’t have their hands up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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