BLM storms capital -- yet no thread on hannity

It must be (D)ifferent that it’s a state capital and it was BLM supporters taking over the Oklahoma State house . . .

Demonstrators chanting “Black Lives Matter” stormed the Oklahoma Capitol on Wednesday, forcing the state House of Representatives into lockdown,

The demonstration was organized against what activists describe as anti-protest and anti-transgender bills

One man stood nose-to-nose with a lawmaker who met him on the gallery in what appeared to be a heated verbal confrontation until another female protester pulled him away.

Will there be calls from the Liberals of the board to hunt down those who stormed a state capital to be arrested and charged? Will the liberals of the board say this is what is needed around the country?

What say you lib? Is it okay to storm state capital buildings while the state legislatures are in session?



“storm” LOL.


25 people heckled the Legislature from the Gallery :is not equivalent to: Hundreds of people breaking and entering the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the election.

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But not much of a storm either. .lol

“The peaceful protest got intense for a few moments after the group slowly filed into the House gallery on the fifth floor of the Capitol. That put the brakes on lawmaking for a couple of minutes, and a couple of protesters said they were asked to leave the building after what looked like a shouting match in the gallery”

Gotta give it to cons, when they “storm” they really do it right. Beating a cop with a pole flying the American flag. Now THAT’S storming.

Those lefties, walking in, chanting for a few minutes then leaving when told to, what pikers.

To the OP, I’m OK with giving them whatever legal consequences that deserves.


I want to point out, if this wasn’t already clear - the galleries at the Oklahoma House of Representatives are currently open to the public.

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But Fox news said they “stormed” that gallery.


So they locked down one branch of the legislature because . . . .

Nothing was “locked down”. A bunch of protesters legally entered the building, entered the gallery and interrupted the House for a couple of minutes, until security told them to leave, which they did, and the House resumed business.

However, they were halting the legislative process. Isn’t that what was supposed to have made the protest at the Capitol in DC an “insurrection”?


So pretty much like Jan 6. Other than some broken windows and killing Ashli Babbitt.

Got it. Thanks!

No. Trying to overturn an election with violence was.


No material difference, this group was also trying to influence a legislature.

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Apparently it doesn’t matter when "D"ems do it. :roll_eyes:

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What was the purpose of the Oklahoma insurrection?

Yeah, yeah…and can you believe it, they ALL forgot their guns. Sounds like to me, you’re regurgibleating what you’ve been fed.


Yeah sure, the DC “protest” was 97% non violent amirite? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

They tried to overthrow an election, no two ways about it. With violence.