BLM Stands with Cuban Oppression

Were the KKK and Nazis featured prominently at the RNC convention like the red carpet the DNC rolled out for BLM?


Don’t you remember Dallas Painting KKK on the street?


We don’t treat communist Vietnam that way and we went to war with them.

The embargo is beyond stupid at this point.

BLM statement says the embargo interferes with Cuba’s right to “self determination”. If the one party communist dictatorship allowed the Cuban people self determination there would be no embargo.
No, BLM and other dictator apologists have given themselves away.


60 years of one party dictatorship are enough.


The embargo has been in place for 60 years and has not led to the revolution that overthrows the commies.

Time to drop it and try something that we do with every other commie nation in the world.

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So you want to embargo Vietnam and China as well?

And yet the left is claiming that the democratic unrest in Cuba is due to the embargo. That would not seem to be the time to drop it.

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Meanwhile old Slave-State Joe bragged about working with white-supremacist Southern Democrats in Congress, and he never personally denounced the endorsement the neo-Nazi leader from Charlottesville.

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Has it ever “helped” in the 60 years we’ve had it?

Needlessly starving Cuba when other Communist nations have gotten a pass has led to consequences.

One can hold both thoughts that the current Cuban regime is bad and that the long US embargo has failed and still be right about both things.

It isn’t an either/or choice here.

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The concern rises with the left that the embargo may actually be threatening communist dictatorship.


Our posture towards Cuba is a disproportionate relic of the Cold War that has been propped up by the politics of winning elections in Florida by courting Cuban exiles. Its dumb and outdated and causes needless misery to Cubans.

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Again- do you think we should embargo China and Vietnam? If not, please explain why.

Practical reasons present themselves.

Since when?

When has this embargo ever worked?

AKA- no real answer…

The embargo is a misnomer. ONLY the U.S. and Israel have one, so the rest of the world has traded freely with Cuba for years - why is the average Cuban income still around $20 a month? The only thing we’ve learned today is that BLM is absolutely fine with shooting protesters and imprisoning dissidents that challenge leftist dictatorships.


I think the embargo should be ended as well. Does that make me a communist supporter?

Vietnam isn’t in our back yard, or we would.