BLM Stands with Cuban Oppression

Yes, I hope I am wrong, but my expectation is that the Biden administration will end up sending equipment and supplies to prop up the Communist regime in Cuba.

The left has framed the protests as primarily against mishandling of the COVID epidemic and lack of supplies. Communism is not the issue in their book.

Some have even claimed that the protests are spreading COVID. Police violence against non-BLM protestors in the name of preventing COVID is not unique to Cuba.

Of paranoid imaginary concerns?

I won’t.

It will probably be worse than the other recent paranoid imaginary “stop the steal” nonsense.


If a meme makes one feel better about having paranoid imaginary concerns then so be it.

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Nothing imaginary about censorship in this country right now.


Like this? Or abortion? Or the return of fascism? Jim Crow?

So you are taking my opinion of the end result of the Conservative effort to get rid of the ACA and applying it to the delusions of current day conservative media.

I am sure that you believed that there is some sort of equivalency there.

Those came from “conservative media”?

The paranoid imaginary issues that we were discussing have.

Where did the paranoid imagery issues I am discussing come from?

You’re not better.

Ahhh. The “you’re not better” thing.

Maybe we will get the paradise nation that includes millions of less but all “good” people.

Yes, you’re not better. You © not even different.

You disagree that objectively the world would be a better place with fewer people and that fewer “bad” people would be even better?

I just find this funny.

A guy who gets down on people who says that people “should” get the vaccine wants to make the determination of “good” and “bad”.

That is a great power that one gave oneself that others are not allowed.


You seem to be struggling this morning.

Why not? Who are you © to tell other people what they should or shouldn’t do?

It is just as invasive to spout off an an opinion that people “should” get a free vaccine that will reduce human suffering than saying that we would be better off with millions of fewer people.

I for the life of me can’t see the difference between the two things

No, it isn’t. One is objective. The other is you © minding other people’s business.

Did I ever say people should get rid of millions of people?


I love this.

I love this so much.

“Hey… we would be better off with millions fewer people and be better off with just ‘good’ ones”

That isn’t wrong.

“Hey… I think that people should get a vaccine that would prevent more human suffering and improve the lives of millions of people”

That right there… that is the REAL problem.

How is it wrong?