BLM Speaks on Thanksgiving!

Doesn’t mean they get it back.

I’m not. Doesn’t mean they are wrong.

I never eat dry turkey.

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There is a B grade cavalry/indian movie. Gene Hackman had a bit part as Brig Gen Crook meeting with Geronimo at the beginning of the film. It is a pretty lame movie, but has a great line where Hackman (playing BG Crook) tells the Geronimo character the white man is taking the Apache’s home, and that the Apaches took it from another tribe, who took it from yet another tribe, who had taken it from an even earlier tribe. And that this was just the way of the world.

A statement of reality in a cheap movie.

It’s called being at work…

Now as for the question…Giving it back is impossible…But It wouldn’t bother me if we all had to give up a bit of $ in taxes that went to Native Americans.

How are they wrong?

Kinda fitting for this thread


Why? I didn’t kill them or take their land.

Half of my ancestors were brought to this nation in chains.

Every bit of land on this planet was taken from someone else hundreds of times across history. It is who wins that matters. If you beat your would be conquerors you keep it. If you don’t, you lose it.

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The "might makes right’ defense…gotcha.

Of course it is.

Should Germany have East Prussia returned to them?

That was a might makes right situation. They lost the war and lost East Prussia to Poland and Konigsburg to the Soviet Union.

OH, Look Nancy Pelosi is colonized a florida beach. Odd, she’d would leave hight tax California and live in a place she pretends to believe will soon be flooded by climate change.

Or perhaps she’s just been playing the dem voters for fools all these years to get really rich…

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I find that offensive. My turkey is not dry and I never overcook my stuffing.

That makes you an oppressor.

AKA ‘Life’

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Russia’s justification in the final treaty with Germany was that lands were historically being shifted from one people to another and you had to settle on how things stand and go on (Gorbachev). Sort of the way it is with native Americans.
Or you can sit around and be bitter about it.

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You’re forgetting another famous treaty. Reunified Germany and Poland signed their own border treaty shortly after the two plus four treaty.

A separate treaty was needed because the two plus four did not designate a final size of a reunified Germany. West Germany absorbed the GDR; the West German constitution (the Basic Law) was brought into force over the new eastern provinces. Under the Basic Law, Germans in any territory could technically join greater Germany. This was created intentionally vague; West Germany expected at some point that the lost Polish territory could rejoin Germany at some point in the future.

That is why a German-Polish treaty was needed to finalize the borders. Treaties take precedence over domestic law. Germany formally renounced all territory it formerly possessed past the Oder-Neisse line. This serves to keep a future German government from making claims on Polish territory.

Another reality is that, except for Liz Warren, most of us have native American ancestry in our DNA. I have 2 native American Great Grandmothers, one on dad’s side and one on mom’s. I don’t get all excited that the hunter gather civilization of my North American ancestors was overwhelmed by the technologically superior civilization of my European ancestors.


Or perhaps my Celtic ancestor parts should be bitter with my Anglo ancestor parts.