BLM Speaks on Thanksgiving!

So I have a question…

Does this “stolen land” include Patrisse’s real estate empire?

Does it include all their houses and apartments? How about LeBron’s houses? Or Jaycee’s?

Obama’s mansions?


Yes it does…

Why are they projecting their sub-standard cooking abilities on the rest of us? :thinking:


Hypocrisy ugly, ain’t it?

They just trying to build an alliance to keep the movement alive.

Funny thing is, that “stolen land”? It was stolen from other people.

For example when the Comanche took over the Comancheria, they all but wiped out several tribes; Lipan, Caddos, Tonkawa. But that was ok.


It’s always about who’s ox is being gored by whom.


Unless it’s white males.

When you going to give yours back?


Has the been one confirmed report of ANYONE leaving the U.S. for this??

I’d like to read that story.

And does that include Manhattanites?? Because that land was reportedly purchased…


Indians didn’t claim ownership of land.

I mean. They ain’t wrong.

Exactly! When are they giving it back then! As soon as they do I will as well.

Sure they did, just not with legal deeds. Maybe more accurate to say territory or hunting grounds but they definitely fought over it with other tribes.

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No response?

Of course they’re wrong. When are you giving yours back?

Nope. Never claimed ownership of land.

If they fought other tribes over land they obviously felt it belonged to them.

this is the story of just about every country on this idiotic planet


They fought other tribes over space in time. If a drought came or game moved on, they went with it and pushed other Indians out until they ran into one they couldn’t.

The Comanche were poor dirt diggers until they got pushed south and ran into horses.

Then they followed the buffalo and good raiding.

They never claimed ownership of land.

Many tribes claimed territory and fought anyone who entered it. That is laying claim to land in my book. Not all tribes were nomads.