BLM Rioters just hurt a Man Who Tried to Run Them Over

Whats happening in Portland is out of control.Its complete Chaos and yes i think its time for the mayor and city council to completely resign.
Whats more ironic on twitter is that there is user trying to defend the BLM by claiming that its the right wingers doing by throwing bombs and doing the drive bys without any actually evidence and ironic this user has a hash tag with the 'Abolish the Police"


BLM claims he tried. But they took the man out of the car and Physical hurt him badly :frowning:

At least one of the people involved in the assault have already been doxxed by the far right (if they are to be believed). I’ve seen several other videos tonight of those same individuals attacking and robbing other people.

More examples of the Democrats vision for America.


This is already Trump’s America.


I’ve heard that there are fine people on all sides.

But “Oregon already has 100% vote-by-mail”.

How’s that working out for them??

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That’s just an idiotic comment. The people doing this aren’t Trump people.

Those people want to destroy this country…and have shown they are willing to kill people and break things to do it. And they killers and looters and arsonists get a pass daily from left wing democrat socialists.


This is simply those that can not accept, they lost an election.

Wow…pure sheoplization on display. Now…say it, orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. :sunglasses:

are you saying there aeren’t fine people who support the blm movement?

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I am sorry are you serious?! hows this Trump’s America when its happening in democrat held cities!? this guy was defending transwomen and another woman from being assaulted from the BLM nutcases and crazies! if he didnt they would have problary done more harm.

Lets hope the driver survives i heard conflicting reports on his condition. If the driver dies that person should be charged with murder charges and baldy harm.

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We’ll see how that plays out in a few months.

Well said.


Andy Ngo? The dude who gets caught lying all the time? The “journalist” who hung around with Patriot Prayer goons while they planned to smash into a lefty bar and beat everyone up, and then did, severely injuring some random girl, breaking her spine with a truncheon?


Yep. The same guy who elevated the burning bibles thing that was Russian disinfo.


So, we shouldn’t believe our eyes?

No we should believe Tommy. He’s omnipotent.

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Don’t believe your “lying” eyes but listen to what they and the MSM say instead. :roll_eyes:

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And your beloved CNN,MSNBC claims that nothing is happening in Portland everything is peaceful. I am sure.

Andy Ngo is doing a fine of journalism.

I am sure that beating was just peaceful beating or just a myth.