Blast from the past: Remember your hero Kim Davis?

Yeah, she’s out.

Couldn’t happened to a more deserving bigot.

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Exactly. Stupidity eventually loses out to common sense. Elected officials need to follow the law…be they Governors, Congresspersons, and even the lowly county clerks.

Good. If you refuse to do your job then you shouldn’t have your job.

She should run for Senate.

I didn’t even know she was running, she should have been fired for not doing her job, she’s no hero of mine.

Good. She didn’t want to do her damn job anyway.

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Now she has time to be in trump’s cabinet.

Good! Not willing to perform the job as it’s written, she shouldn’t be there.

It’s just as well for her if she wants to live out the tenets of her faith, although I suspect she’s a selective practitioner at best.

Don’t know about Kentucky applications for a marriage license as far as whether or not they ask what number marriage this is. However, divorce goes against the teaching of the New Testament, & most likely she rubber stamped applications of divorced individuals remarrying.

Outside wedlock sex goes against church teaching, & most likely she rubber stamped applications with visibly pregnant fiancee present.

Bye bye Kim Davis.

Instant (almost) karma. It looks like Davis will have to pay $220,000 in legal expenses brought about by the lawsuits against the state. What’s amusing is that Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, once a diehard supporter, now is calling for her to pay the expenses, according to this story from Rolling Stone, which quotes from a legal brief his team filed.

“Any fees awarded to [the plaintiffs] cannot be imposed against the ‘Commonwealth of Kentucky,’” Bevin’s lawyers wote. “If the plaintiffs prevailed, they did so against Davis individually or in her official capacity as Rowan County Clerk. Davis unilaterally defied existing law when she created a ‘no marriage licenses’ policy for Rowan County,” the brief continues, adding: “the Rowan County Clerk’s office must be liable for any award of fees arising from her policy.”

What goes around comes around.

She’d no doubt get millions from homophobes if she started a gofundme campaign.


GoFundMe won’t have her, but these folks will;

Probably by the same people who were foolish enough to donate to Flynn’s defense fund.


That’s one scary site.

With elected officials, unfortunately, unless there is an “impeachment” type law that can remove them from office, they can’t be removed unless, as in this case they are defeated in the next election.

My memory of the specifics of her are fuzzy. So if I’m incorrect I apologize.

I was fine with her personally refusing to sign them. I think that was ok. But if I remember right, I think where she was wrong was not allowing anyone else to sign off on the certificates.

I think it’s fine for “person A” to not be willing to put their name to something they find objectionable so long as there is a “person B” who is available to do it. If “person A” is the only one who can, than they either need to sign off on the form, or hire an additional person who will.


The people have spoken.

I liked this part:

Since her incarceration and subsequent rise to fame, Davis continued to work as clerk and published a book about her experience, “Under God’s Authority: The Kim Davis Story.” A description of her book reads: “Kim chronicles her dramatic encounters with furious, fist-pounding homosexual men and the hate mail that flooded her office.”

Will we get a movie? :slight_smile: