BLACKOUT! California Utility Co. Intentionally Cuts Power to MILLIONS Due to 'High Winds'

Originally published at: BLACKOUT! California Utility Co. Intentionally Cuts Power to MILLIONS Due to ‘High Winds’ | Sean Hannity

Millions of California residents were left in the dark this week when Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) intentionally cut power to large sections of the state; saying high winds could down power lines and cause forest fires.

“Gusts topping freeway speed raked the San Francisco Bay Area early Thursday after California’s biggest utility shut off electricity to nearly 2 million people for fear high winds in the forecast could bring down power lines and spark deadly wildfires,” reports the Associated Press.

“Unprecedented in scope, the deliberate outages that started early Wednesday forced schools and businesses to close and otherwise disrupted life for many people, bringing criticism down on PG& E from the governor and ordinary customers alike,” adds the AP.

California’s surreal blackout:

In Eureka, “it’s pretty much pandemonium here… You couldn’t get gas last night and there was a two-hour wait at the grocery store to check out.”

Stoplights were out Wednesday, and traffic was backed up in every direction:

— Matt Pearce 🦅 (@mattdpearce) October 10, 2019

“It’s just kind of scary. It feels worse than Y2K. We don’t know how long,” said one Oakland resident. “My two kids, their school situation keeps moving every second. It’s not clear if we need to pack for a week and go out of town or what to do. So I’m just trying to make sure we have water, food, charging stations and gas.”

Wind gusts are expected to top 70 miles per hour.

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