Black woman hammers woke white liberal for whitesplaining

This is must must see video. In one short minute, she totally destroys poor Alissa. And she takes down and Jimmy Kimmel all the other whitesplaining idiots with her.

‘You are EVERYTHING you preach against. You’re not helping.’ Black woman DESTROYS Alyssa Milano and white woke liberals in EPIC video (watch) –

WATCH: Black woman issues brutal response to Alyssa Milano “you are everything you preach against” | News Thud


I watched some of her stuff. I may not agree with her on some of the things that she says… but she puts real thought into her positions and has a pretty rare gift of being able to speak to her truth in simple yet complex ways.

Thank you for bringing her voice here.

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I’ve seen a few of her videos too. I think she has some good points in the video.

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I am a little surprised with this reply.

You’re welcome!

Never heard of her, but she’s correct.

Just when I think I have you pegged, you say something like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good reply.

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone say more in one minute than this lady. She lets her intelligence guide her. Not her emotions.

We don’t allow OPs from tweeter, yet you think “twitchy” is going to fly?

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Thank you.

It’s done. But I have no prior experience with newsthud. It was just the first one that came up on BING.

I helped you.


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A breath of fresh air…

She is. I’m shocked that Twitter hasn’t booted her yet. Give them time.

When an ideology insist people are victims just for X cause they aren’t ever gonna see them a victors over their circumstances, or even able to be victors over their circumstances.