Black privilege is real

The only conclusion that matters isn’t mine. It’s the conclusion of the study that you didn’t read.

The conclusions of the study are what is in question here. Your opinion is that the study shows police bias against black drivers and I say the study (and its conclusions) is flawed. What about that is unclear to you?

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YOU MUST BE INDOCTRINATED INTO THIS BULL FECES…PERIOD…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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It’s not my opinion. It’s the studies conclusion. Not mine.

What part of that is difficult to understand? You haven’t quoted any piece of the study you disagree with… because that would require you to read it.

You are right indeed! :+1:

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C’mon man. Your opinion is that the conclusion of the study is valid. Don’t lay it all on them.

And what does me not quoting from the study have to do with anything? The premise is flawed, that’s all that needs to be to said.

Why should I disagree with the conclusion?

What part of the study is flawed? Quote it.

I agree that police profile. Why?

So you admit that it is your opinion that their conclusion is correct. Was that so hard?

I already told you what the flaw was. They did not control the variables.

Ahh you still didn’t read it. :rofl:

I did. That research team doesn’t have any black people on it.

My word, could you two stop quoting your entire conversation that amounts to

“You didn’t read it!”

“Did so!”

It’s annoying.



Sure thanks for the feedback

No you didn’t. You made up a failure, because you didn’t read it.

Wrong. Lack of controlled variables is a flaw … a very serious flaw.

They addressed your exact point in the study. Almost word for word.

I was hoping you would point that out but you never did… which tells me you didn’t read it.

But that did not make them back off from their conclusions, did it.

…when it’s telling me exactly what I wanna hear?

Don’t feed the Troll. :wink: