Black privilege is alive and well

Don’t think so? Try this. Show up to work, no matter where you work and say this:

I hate black people so much it’s not even funny.

Do it. See how long it takes for them to throw your ass out the door. Or boot you out of school. As they should. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? What should happen? You tell me.

Need more? Biden is denying farmers government assistance based on their race. Black privilege nothing less.

Virginia Commonwealth U. Student Body President: ‘I Hate White People So Much Its Not Even Funny’ (

White Farmers Sue Biden Admin Over Being Banned From Gov Assistance ‘Solely Due to Their Race’ – Faithwire


The pendulum swings and things even out eventually.

Folks are getting pretty tired of it all.

People really just want to live their lives without the strife.

It’s doable. If we try. Wouldn’t it be great if the democrats would stop trying to constantly stir ■■■■ up and work with us not against us?

Lol black privilege.


Lol. What do you call it? And what should be done with her? Lol.

Ok. As long as you’re being so talky.

How should the University handle this? Consequences?

Twitter claims they do not tolerate racial hatred. Why do you suppose they have not booted her yet? Should they?

It’s so damn ridiculous.

Not a single white person would take my black skin.

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Chris Rock quote here.

Did you know the law is based upon the 1990 FACT act? (Section 2501)

Been in existence for 31 years.


Uh, did you read your article?

“Ur reminder to advocate for the [killing] of [kops],” tweeted VCU student body president Taylor Marie Maloney in March, from the now-suspended Twitter account, @okrasocialist, according to a report by Post Millennial.

Would you trade?

“The grants are not provided directly to businesses or individuals. Instead, qualified organizations receiving these grants will provide technical assistance and training to socially-disadvantaged agricultural producers or rural businesses.”

So there’s that…

" USDA defines a socially-disadvantaged group as one whose members have been subjected to racial, ethnic, or gender prejudice because of their identity without regard to their individual qualities. "

Electronic applications are due by July 24, 2018,

Hmm… Who was POTUS in 2018?

Come on man.

What? Didn’t like my source?
How about this one:

The USDA has admitted it systematically denied Blacks and other people of color access to the same loan and grant programs that have helped generations of white farmers get the financing they needed to hold onto their land in lean years and even expand their operations.

Did you read that article?

I deleted it.

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Double standards exist. Get over it. Do you complain about no one opening the door for you because you’re a man?

Umm I would, my white skin is severely sun damaged, not allowed out in the sun. Hand it over.

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As I said, it comes from the 1990 FACT law.


The US News article