Black-nationalist terrorism?

Reports are now identifying the suspects in yesterday’s brutal attack at a kosher market in Jersey City. They are identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham. Anderson is a one-time follower of the Black Hebrew Israelites and has a long criminal record. New York Mayor De Blasio is calling it a hate crime. For details see:

For context, the Black Hebrew Israelites confronted the Covington Catholic boys back in January. Here is a report with a video from that incident:

Even the Southern Poverty Law Center describes the Black Hebrew Israelites as a black-nationalist hate group. Their report pointed to recent murders of police officers:

On July 7, 2016, Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed Dallas police officers during a peaceful protest against police brutality, killing five officers and wounding nine others. Ten days later, Gavin Eugene Long shot six officers, killing three, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Do you see black-nationalist terrorism as a growing problem?

Or is yesterday’s attack simply the result of violence from two people who happen to have connections with that movement?

Is it a problem? Yes absolutely.

Is it as prevalent as white nationalist terrorism? Not even remotely close

Hey these are the guys that sell incense across the street from my job.

They used to set up across the street from my old office every Tuesday in their weird robes and rant for a couple hours harassing passersbys.

Back in the day, they used carry swords too, until the NYPD started cracking down on them.

Black-Israelities are straight insane.

How many times did we see the “Blacks For Trump 2020” guy right behind Trump holding up his sign?

He was a member of Yahweh bin Yahweh, a murderous cult. He made at least 3 appearances next to Trump after that info went national. So either not that much of a problem or more valuable to have a black Trump supporter be seen in public.


They are the ones that was behind all the mess that happened with the Covington kids once the full video was released, not a nice group. I don’t hear of them killing though but they scared the crap out of me walking to cab one day.

Historically and right now this doesn’t come close to white-nationalistic terrorism which has been ongoing since the Hayes compromise. We saw shortly afterwards an overthrow of government in which these people ended up having free reign to terrorized law abiding African Americans including quite of few who either held public office or citizens wanting to vote. After reconstruction it was a blood bath and it has been an ongoing problem ever since. So should there be a concern in regards to a few so-called black nationalist…maybe, however this is isolated case and not a systemic problem. I think before asking a question like, “Do you see black-nationalist terrorism as a growing problem”, how about we as a country reconciled and solve the systemic problem of white nationalistic terrorism that has impacted black people for over a 150 years.

For the record, the Black Hebrew Israelite’s are bunch of nut jobs who butchers the word of God to justify bad behavior(sounds familiar). Hell, those of us in the black community who actually know about these clowns don’t deal with them.

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Yes it is.

And kill cops.

The FBI disagrees with you

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Actually the attack against the kosher market appears to be a sad escalation in anti-Semitic crimes that have been plaguing the New York City area. The crimes have received relatively little attention from the national media apparently because they have no connection to white nationalists. Here is a recent report:

Molinari said 52 percent of the reported hate crimes, or 163, have targeted Jews. Over the same period last year, the NYPD reported 108 anti-Semitic hate crimes. . . "For the most part I’m dealing with 311 random individuals of very diverse backgrounds committing these hate crimes against different people . . . The national narrative is not the narrative we see here in New York City,” Molinari said.” There aren’t roving bands of white supremacists, from khakis and tiki torches to hood-wearing people.”

I wonder if there are any of these types in the BLM movement. I’m not making an accusation, just wondering. Since both groups hate cops. And BLM has called for the murder of police.

BTW. Has anybody from the Black Hebrew Israelites condemned this attack yet?

The Black Hebrew Israelites aren’t the sort of group to that holds press conferences.

Did any neo-nazi groups condemn the murder in Charlottesville?

what is there to condemn they don’t care, have you ever listen to one of their preachers they straight up insane there isn’t a rational thinking among them.

Everyone hates the Jews, I don’t know why but pretty much every wacko group hates them.

personal I love them good food, gotta find me a nice Jewish lady.

No because they were okay with it. That’s why we call them Nazis. I’m guessing that the BHI is okay with what happened in Jersey as well.

I’m sure they are fine with it.

Are you expecting anyone to defend them?

There are two branches of BHI the crazy ones in America who straight up hate the Jews, and the ones in Israeli who don’t.